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  • 2021

About this exhibition catalogue

Sweat is a sign of life and transformation. The liquid substance attests to states as diverse as excitement and exertion, attraction and stress. As a physical trace it tells of movement, placement and formation of bodies in space.

The eponymous exhibition at Haus der Kunst brings together works by 30 international artists, which formulate a poetics of and through pleasure in the face of persistent intersecting asymmetries of power. This intergenerational and transnational dialogue between contemporary works and pathbreaking works of the 1970s and 1980s, traces a history of artistic languages of self-determination that become agents of collective memories.

This publication offers an in-depth contextualization of the works gathered in the exhibition from a variety of perspectives that take into account the polyphony and coexistence of those artistic worlds.

Edited by Anna Schneider and Raphael Fonseca, with contributions by Olamiju Fajemisin, Raphael Fonseca, André Lepecki, Miguel A. López, Renée Akitelek Mboya, Claire Tancons, Anna Schneider, Elena Setzer, Helena Vieira, unpublished archival material, and artistic contributions by MAHKU (Huni Kuin Artists Movement).

Bilingual in English and German. Designed by MARGEM (Alexandre Lindenberg & João Pedro Nogueira).

The catalog is published by K. Verlag and will be available October 18, 2021.

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Exhibition, 11.6.21 — 27.2.22