Kiki Smith - Procession

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  • 2018
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About this exhibition catalogue

In her astonishingly versatile work, Kiki Smith probes the political, social, philosophical and spiritual dimensions of human and, particularly, female existence. The social debates of the 1980s, especially those surrounding AIDS and death, characterize Smith’s early work; later, her focus shifts to themes such as feminism, the right to abortion and the protection of nature.

This catalogue provides a comprehensive overview of the artistic development of Kiki Smith, above all in sculpture, from the early 1980s to the present day. Numerous illustrations offer insight into an oeuvre, which radically and relentlessly confronts issues like the human body and the role of social stereotypes. Thus, in this publication, the beauty, liveliness and grace of Kiki Smith’s art finds expression, revealing important impulses for both emotions and thoughts.

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Kiki Smith Born  2002 Bronze 99,1 x 256,5 x 61 cm Photograph by Ellen Page Wilson, courtesy Pace Gallery © Kiki Smith, courtesy Pace Gallery
Kiki Smith: Procession

Exhibition, 2.2.18 — 3.6.18