Hanne Darboven. Enlightenment

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Exhibition booklet

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About this exhibition booklet

The exhibition booklet accompanying "Hanne Darboven. Enlightenment" contains an overview of the exhibition spaces and short explanatory texts on the expansive work series from cultural history, music, literature, and (natural) science. The center are two principal installations: The first focuses on Darboven's books and publications, evoking in the viewer a sense of standing in a grand library at the heart of an Enlightenment institution; the second installation is a presentation of the original "music room" of Darboven's studio in Hamburg.

Booklet of the exhibition:

Hanne Darboven Kulturgeschichte 1880 — 1983, 1980 — 1983; Installationsansicht/ Installation view Haus der Kunst  © Hanne Darboven Stiftung, Hamburg / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2015 Foto: Maximilian Geuter
Hanne Darboven. Enlightenment

Exhibition, 18.9.15 — 14.2.16