Patrizia Dander: "Freedom Is a Rare Bird – or: "Centrifugal Forces at Work"

Summary of Patrizia Dander: "Freedom Is a Rare Bird – or: "Centrifugal Forces at Work"%


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Although it demonstrates parallels to international concerns and anticipations of conceptual currents in many respects, it is difficult to assign a specific art-historical category to the complex and multi-faceted work of the Croatian artist Ivan Kožarić (born 1921). Throughout his career, artistic freedom has been the focus of the artist's work. Yet, what is the exact meaning of artistic freedom? How is it articulated and what consequences does it have for the concept of his work? In her essay on the Croatian artist, curator Patrizia Dander tries to get to the heart of Kožarić's work: "Striving to attain art and to attain freedom merge and become one ... Ivan Kožarić claims the right to continue choosing new forms of expression and hence new forms of artistic communication."

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