Audio guide App to the exhibition "Phyllida Barlow. frontier".

Listen to Audio guide App to the exhibition "Phyllida Barlow. frontier".

About Audio guide App to the exhibition "Phyllida Barlow. frontier".%

About the Audio guide

Use the audio guide to discover the highlights of the exhibition "Phyllida Barlow. frontier“. The commentaries give you an insight into the world of ideas and the working method of the artist who even has a word to say herself on some of the tracks.

The contents of the audio guide can also be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet via the new free audio guide app. The app is available for Android users in the Google Play Store and iOS users in the App Store. This allows you to listen to the content not only during your visit to the house, but also at home.  

Available in German, English and for children.

If you want to use the app in the exhibition, remember to use headphones.

About the exhibition

The sculptural structures by the British sculptor Phyllida Barlow (* 1944) are unwieldy and difficult to take in: plywood, cardboard, cement, clay, plastic pipes and colourful fabrics block the way and conquer the space. The exhibition in the Haus der Kunst shows ground-breaking works from the last two decades, new commissions and a vast selection of works on paper.
Here, more information about the exhibition.

The audio guide app was developed in cooperation with the company soundgarden audioguidance GmbH.

left: for Androit, right: for iOS
left: for Androit, right: for iOS

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Phyllida Barlow, untitled: 11 awnings, 2013, Collection of the artist, London © Paul Crosby
Phyllida Barlow. frontier

Exhibition, 10.3.21 — 25.7.21