Tarek Lakhrissi. Film Screening. "Spiraling"

Echoes, from 3.3.22 to 13.3.22

Practical information

Admission free

Event overview

Film Screening: Spiraling by Tarek Lakhrissi during the entire duration of the exhibition Echoes

Tarek Lakhrissi is an artist and poet who explores sociopolitical narratives and speculative situations of transformation through text, film, installation, and performance. Influenced by feminist and queer theory by writers such as Elsa Dorlin, Jean Genet, Monique Wittig, and José Esteban Muñoz, the performativity of language and poetry is the starting point of Lakhrissi’s artistic projects. Further central aspects of the artist’s work are the reinterpretation of pop cultural references and the interdisciplinary collaboration with artists from his network, his “chosen family.”

For Echoes, Lakhrissi has developed Spiraling (2021), a new film co-produced in collaboration with the Shedhalle Zurich. Inspired by Félix González-Torres’s iconic work “Untitled” (Go-Go Dancing Platform) from 1991 and filmed in a gallery of the Haus der Kunst, Spiraling counters the building’s authoritarian architecture with the powerful metaphor of the spiral. The gyrating movements of dancer Mila Furie, a queer rights activist and night performer, overlap with Lakhrissi’s voice poetically recounting a coming-of-age story. The film reads like a seduction that uses poetry, eroticism, and pop culture to invert the prevailing controlling gaze and power relations.