Haus der Kunst, Super BOOKS 2019, Photo: Malte Wandel


Event, from 12.11.21 to 13.11.21

Practical information

Reservation required
Free Admission

Event overview

Friday, 12.11.21 / 16 - 22 pm

Samastag, 13.11.21 / 12 - 20 pm

South Gallery

Free admission (reservation mandatory)

For the second time since the launch in 2019, more than 50 artists, designers, and alternative publishers will present their publications at Haus der Kunst. This gives the lively and active artist book scene in Munich the platform for a joint presentation. In addition to the focus on Munich, this time producers from Austria (Auslöser as well as Darja Shatalova and Kristian Ujhelji), Switzerland (_957 Independent Art Magazine as well as GRRRR) and the Netherlands (The Artist and the Others as well as Dutch Independent Art Book Publishers and Lula Valletta & HOK) will be represented. Tobi Huschka from Cologne presents books from Kunsthaus Kat18, an inclusive art workshop. Munich-based piratInnenpresse, a publishing house for children and youth, produces paperbacks and fold-out maps. Their usual meeting place is "the cabin under the roof of the Seidl Villa in Schwabing." Iwalewabooks focuses on recent developments in contemporary African culture.  

The participants see themselves in the tradition of the 1960s, when new communication and distribution networks were formed in the context of the post-avant-garde art scene. Their products, such as artist books, magazines, or zines, are autonomous works of art. With their ethics of accessibility, expressed in pricing and the directness of distribution channels, they form a counterbalance to the established rules of the art market.  

Super BOOKS is a cooperation with AAP Archiv Künstlerpublikationen, Akademie der Bildenden Künste München and fructa space.  

Curated by Sabine Brantl with Hubert Kretschmer, Martin Schmidl as well as Quirin Brunnmeier and Malte Wandel.

Sound program from Radio 80k


_957 Independent Art Magazine, Lucerne

Akademie der Bildenden Künste München

Akademie der Bildenden Künste Nürnberg

Albert Coers, Munich

Auslöser, Vienna

autopress, Frankfurt a. M.

c8400, Eschborn

CALDOworldwide, Munich

Cosima Pitz, Uffing

Darja Shatalova, Vienna  

department of volxvergnuegen, Munich

Dutch Independent Art Book Publishers, Amsterdam

edition metzel, Munich

Edition Taube, Munich

fructa space, Munich

Georg Gaigl, Munich

GRRRR, Zürich

Hammann von Mier Verlag, Munich

Heidemarie von Wedel UNDEINS, Stuttgart


icon, Munich

Igitte, Munich

Institut für Bagonalistik, Munich

InterViews, Berlin

iwalewabooks, Bayreuth

Kunsthaus Kat. 18, Cologne

Kristian Ujhelji, Vienna

Kunstraum München e. V.

Lubok Verlag, Leipzig

Lula Valletta & HOK, The Hague, Bielefeld

Michaela Rotsch / Kadir Fadhel, Munich

piratInnenpresse, Munich

Prolog – Heft für Zeichnung und Text, Berlin, Berlin

Ruine München


South Bavarian Morning Post, Munich, Munich

Stefania Kuszlik, Munich

Suolocco, Munich

The Artist and the Others, Maastricht

TheHiddenRiver, Munich

Thorsten Fuhrmann,

Huglfing Tobias Huschka, Cologne