© Dirk Bell, School of Swans (SOS), 2020, Courtesy of the Artist

Pleasure Garden – Isabel Lewis with Dirk Bell. School of Swans (SoS)


Practical information

Event in German
Reservation required
Free Admission

Event overview

Trained in literature and philosophy, and with her artistic roots in dance, Isabel Lewis employs an expanded sense of the choreographic with a focus on generating affective bodily experiences that address all of the senses. Hosted in the Allianz Garden her inherently collaborative practice, this time with Dirk Bell, invites the audience to attune to their environment and enter the space of imagination. Through the performance, the hospitable conditions of the garden generate a heightened  awareness of our body-world configuration.

As part of Bayern spielt and hosted in Allianz Garden.

Curated by Sarah Johanna Theurer. 

Subject to government regulations. Information about short-term changes will be published here.

Also see "Pleasure Garden – Isabel Lewis. Bodysnatch" in Allianz Garden on 3.9. and 4.9.