Performance with Nkisi


Practical information

Tune in English
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8 €

Event overview

Nkisi is the stage name of Melika Ngombe Kolongo, an electronic musician, producer, and visual artist currently based in Berlin and London. Her innovative sound has been presented at many solo and group exhibitions all over the world. For Nkisi, sound is a portal to various forms of experience and comprehension and has a great unifying power. Her performances consist of overlays of African rhythms, hard European dance tropes, and synthesizer melodies. They command electrifying energy.

For "Tune", Nkisi produces an AV installation titled "|Ngo|", which she activates with two live performances. "|Ngo|" is created in connection with a new collaborative project that Nkisi launched this year under the name "The Secret Institute." The participants look at sound and music from a different perspective: not as mere entertainment, but as reservoirs in which the cosmic knowledge of ancient traditions and mythologies is stored.

In the ancient traditions of the Kongo, the invisible worlds are the real worlds; the material worlds are only holographic realities of the emitted vibrations. Nkisi’s practice is driven by research and personal relationships with the cosmology of the Kongo. Her AV installation "|Ngo|" is a vibrational chamber where we can experience energy frequencies and connect with subtle dimensions of being. It functions as an acoustic visualization of the Kongolo, the multidimensional cosmic circle and cosmogram of the Kongo.

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