Performance with Lamin Fofana


Practical information

Tune in English
Reservation required
8 €

Event overview

Lamin Fofana realizes a commissioned acoustic work for the Terrace Hall at Haus der Kunst with the title "A call to disorder". His multisensory installation also incorporates smell, light, and atmosphere. In addition, Fofana hosts several acoustic happenings.

His first live performance will take place on Thursday, July 8, 2021 and is titled "Ode to Impurity."
Fofana uses sound to take his audience into the realm of dream imagery, where the cyclical narrative forms of our ancestors reverberate like an echo. His electronic instrumental music connects ideas of Blackness, migration, displacement, and race with something otherworldly, and brings nonlinear thought and experience into focus. The elegy "Here lies universality" laments the dominance of Western music theory: its basic structure is rooted in the legacy of the Enlightenment, imperialism, and white supremacy, and their persisting mechanisms of exclusion. Fofana's tightly woven interests in history, contemporary conditions, and his method of translating text into the emotional medium of sound are expressed in multisensory live performances and large, minimalist installations that combine original compositions, field recordings, and archival material. His goal is to "create a space of encounter where people collectively listen, dream, think the unthinkable." At the same time, the artist makes it clear that dissonance and disturbance are as much of a theme here as harmony.

The performance with Nkisi will also take place on the same evening at 8.30 PM. Tickets for the performances of both artists are available individually and combined.
You can already experience Nkisi‘s performance on the opening of Tune (7.7.21).

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