Kelman Duran, Photo: Alex Girav

Video-Screening and Music Performance with Kelman Duran


Practical information

Tune in English
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8 €

Event overview

During Kelman Duran's time at Haus der Kunst there will be a screening of his two-part film project To the North, and a live performance of his album 13th Month and his brand new album A Night In Tijuana.

Kelman Duran is a sound and visual artist, curator and DJ. His work is driven by a deep empathy for disenfranchised groups and the struggle against inequality and racism, and is a critique of the civil architecture that both creates and propagates these issues. Whether through his intimate portrayal in his film work To The North of the desperation of a Native American community in South Dakota, or through his music where he interweaves samples from Notorious B.I.G’s Suicidal Thoughts to draw a parallel between the wretched conditions in inner-city ghettos and life on Indian reservations, his work is a constant poignant reminder of these themes. In his music you can hear dembow, hip hop, dancehall and most significantly a low slung reggaeton, all pushed through a haze of reverb and delay to create an amorphous and hypnotic sound that often holds a certain sadness.