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Performance: Lolina

Lolina is an electronic and digital musician, also known for her past projects as Inga Copeland and as a member of the band Hype Williams. Copeland’s first solo album Because I’m Worth It was self-released in 2014. As Lolina, she released the full-length video album Live in Paris, followed by The Smoke.  

Her live performances evolved through experiments with DJ equipment, developing a cut up style exemplified on her releases Live in Geneva and Who is experimental music? On her album Fast Fashion, she used CDJ players as a live sampling tool allowing her to move between composition and improvisation.  

For “Tune”, Lolina will perform her upcoming release Face The Music. The live show incorporates her previous work with looping and sampling into a new set up, including visuals that make further use of cut up arrangements and word play to create musical narratives.  

She will also perform with Brandon Juhans, an experimental hip-hop producer whose fractured collage-like tracks are influenced by golden age rap and post punk. Their collaboration L4B was originally premiered on her three part radio-residency for NTS in 2020. At Haus der Kunst, L4B will re-sample tracks from their upcoming release to create an improvised live performance.