Open Haus meets Public Possession

Open Haus,

Practical information

Open Haus in German
Free admission

Event overview

Free admission, priceless experience: Since January, admission is free at Open Haus on every last Friday of the month from 4—10 pm. There will be space for encounters and creative exchange. Our education department will welcome you at every Open Haus with (family-)tours and an open and cross-generational programme.

Open Atelier from 4—9 pm

4.30 pm & 5.30 pm: Short guided tours for children through “Hamid Zénati. All-Over” (Nordgalerie)

6.30 pm & 7.30 pm: Short guided tours through “Katalin Ladik. Ooooooooo-pus” (Nordgalerie)

8 pm—2 pm: Ask our curators your questions about Karrabing Film Collective directly at LSK Gallery

In March at Open Haus, music label Public Possession celebrates its 10th anniversary with a mini-festival at the Westgalerie. Public Possession's work combines music, text, graphic design, and happenings. The celebrations will include live music by local and international artists affiliated with the label, amongst them Sedef Adasi, Sofie Royer, Mainline Magic Orchestra and many more. All Open Haus visitors and all party guests are invited to enjoy a relaxed afternoon and night at the museum with free admission to all exhibitions and a diverse party programme.

Open Atelier features a printmaking workshop that allows participants to draw inspiration from both artist Hamid Zénati's patterns and Public Possession's designs. You can cut out your own stencils and print playful compositions of shapes and colours on textiles. First come, first served: some T-shirts are provided for children, other guests can bring their own textiles or clothes to print on.

No ticket or prior registration is required.

Sedef Adasi. Gel Gidelim (Photo: Julius Ertelt)



From 4 pm: Olaf Nicolai „Junge Chöre“ in collaboration with Public Possession and the Jungen Chöre München. Throughout the entire day, including a canon workshop for children and young people.

4 pm: Book presentation and conversation with Andrea Lissoni, Sarah Miles, Hayley Morgan, Olaf Nicolai, and Public Possession.

4.45 pm: Baba Stiltz Live

5.30 pm: DJ Service Kit

6.15 pm: Minju Live

7 pm: Sophie Pschorr b2b Clara Knör & Gnocchi Served by Caspar Plautz

7.45 pm: Fazer Live

8.30 pm: Sofie Royer Live

9.15 pm: P.P. D.J.s b2b Bell Towers

11 pm: Mainline Magic Orchestra Live

11.45 pm: Sedef Adasi D.J.

1 am: end

Mainline Magic Orchestra. Xumba Xumba (photo: Neelam Khan Vela)