Schedule change | caner teker & Michele Rizzo. Artist Talk


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Event overview

Unfortunately, caner teker cannot participate in the artist talk. The artist talk with Michele Rizzo will therefore take place after his performance.

8.00 pm Performance Higher.xtn by Michele Rizzo (ticket for this performance required)

8.45 pm Artist Talk: Michele Rizzo with curators Sarah Theurer and Elena Setzer

Michele Rizzo is a multidisciplinary artist interested in the intersection of sculptural and choreographic processes. Inspired by observations of the historical connections between religious rituals and collective dance, artist Michele Rizzo explores how specific forms of movement and touch transform social constellations. His trilogy Higher.xtn (2018), Rest (2020) and Reaching (2021) unveils various mental and physical stages of transmission and transition, ranging from euphoria to exhaustion. 

At the Haus der Kunst, Rizzo presents Higher.xtn,a performance — originally developed for the Stedelijk Museum— in which the artist employs the transformative power of rave culture and spaces as sites for negotiating intimacy and the public sphere. Synchronized by the repetitive rhythms of an electronic dance soundtrack specially created for the performance by musician Lorenzo Senni, the boundaries of the individual bodies become increasingly porous. In the midst of the museum space, the visitors become witnesses of a communal becoming that is otherwise reserved for the dark. 

caner teker is an artist whose choreographies explore the performativity of cultural communities and identities. 

Influenced by their own family history, teker’s choreographies often borrow from traditional Turkish rites. They combine these cultural patterns of action with perspectives gained from contemporary queer and performance theory, creating flexible spaces in which gestures of masculinity can also read as expressions of vulnerability and eroticism. 

Fundamental to teker’s exploration of culturally transmitted patterns of behavior is their interest in liminal states of disorder and recoding that embrace audience and performers alike and dissolve seemingly fixed modes of representation. 

For Echoes, teker extend their poster projet Anarchiving, which they developed in connection with the performance KIRKPINAR (2020). KIRKPINAR explores the tradition of Turkish oil wrestling (Yağlı Güreş) for its potential to invite tender and caring encounters, moving beyond stereotypical associations of aggression and dominance. The text-based poster series, which uses a typeface dedicated to Marsha P. Johnson, contains the remarks of various witnesses to those performances. Anarchiving (Echoes) thus establishes a living oral history of the exhibition that permeates the urban space.

Free entrance to the event with the Echoes-Pass. You can pick up this at the HDK box office by presenting your Pass ticket. Please, come timely to your first visit to Echoes to receive your pass.