Curator's tour through “Dumb Type”

Curator's tour,

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Curator's tour in English
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Guided by Damian Lentini, curator of the exhibition, you will gain an in-depth insight into the work and environment of the artist collective Dumb Type.

Dumb Type was founded in 1984 by students of Kyoto City University of Arts. The collective uses cyberpunk imagery to critique a consumer society that has become passive or dumb due to incessant data overload and technological development. The "dumb" in Dumb Type alludes to the English double meaning of the term: stupid or speechless. The exhibition focuses on three specially conceived installations that explore the ways in which digital media and technologies are now a defining part of the life experience.

Please book your ticket online in advance. You can get your ticket to the exhibition at the museum box office.

Online Booking ends 1 hour before the tour starts. Any remaining tickets will be sold at the box office from 1 hour before the tour starts.

Private tours can also be booked for the time of your choice.

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