Fujiko Nakaya. Nebel Leben. Installation view. Haus der Kunst. 2022. Photo: Andrea Rossetti

Combined exhibition tour through “Fujiko Nakaya. Nebel Leben” and “Dumb Type”

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The exhibition at Haus der Kunst is the first retrospective of the artist and sculptor Fujiko Nakaya (*1933 in Sapporo, Japan) outside Japan. Inspired by the ecological awareness that burgeoned in the 1970s, Nakaya has always worked with air and water and continues to do so today. Her fog sculptures challenge traditional notions of sculpture because they change at every moment depending on temperature, wind and atmosphere.

Nakaya's networked thinking and her approach to nature, technology, science and chance also influenced a younger generation of artists, such as the Japanese artist collective Dumb Type, to which the second part of the tour is dedicated. The three installations by Dumb Type deal with the way digital media and technologies are a defining part of life experience today. During the tour, our art educators will provide a comprehensive insight into the artists work and the artistic and technological environment that inspired them.

You don’t need to book in advance. Please pay the exhibition entrance and the guidance fee at the ticket counter. Advance booking begins 1 hour before the tour starts. The group size is limited to a maximum of 25 participants.

Private tours can also be booked for the time of your choice.


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