Katalin Ladik & Svetlana Maraš. Screening & Performance


Practical information

15 € regular | 12 € reduced | Free admission with "365 Live"

Event overview

Katalin Ladik works as a multidisciplinary artist, with a practice that incorporates sound and visual poetry, performance art, experimental music, audio plays, happenings, collage, mail art and photography, built around visual and vocal expression, as well as movement and gesture.

To accompany the first survey exhibition of her work in Germany at Haus der Kunst, “Ooooooooo-pus”, an edition of the TUNE sound residency programme will take a deeper dive into her sound-based output, with two live performances, a film screening and an artist talk.

On the first evening, a solo performance by the artist, will take place inside of the exhibition and alongside her works in the Nordgalerie. The exhibition will be open that evening until 9.30 pm.

The second evening begins with a screening of the film Sound Cage, a documentary portrait of the artist Katalin Ladik. The film traces her impressive career, starting with the "happenings" in Novi Sad in the 1960s up to her groundbreaking work as a performance artist. Afterwards, there will be a performance in collaboration with composer Svetlana Maraš. For TUNE, the artists will collaborate on a live performance of works from the LP “Water Angels”, combining extended vocal techniques, processing and modular synthesis. The LP, released in 2021, contains a collection of as yet unreleased works by the artist created between 1989 and 2019. Among them are three recent works created in collaboration with Svetlana Maraš at Radio Belgrade's Elektronic Studio in 2019: Electric Bird, White Bird and Ice Bird.

On Saturday, the performance will be followed by an artist talk with curator Sarah Miles, Katalin Ladik and Svetlana Maraš at 9pm in the Westgalerie. Admission is free of charge.