Joan Jonas. “Mirror Piece I & II”


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Performance in English
12 €

Event overview

Mirror Piece I & II (1969/2018) counts among Jonas’ earliest performances and the original version was influenced by the feminist discourses of the time. Inspired by Broadway choreographies of the 1930s and 1940s, performers formed themselves into frontal arrangements while wearing life-size mirrors. In 2018, the performance was reconstructed for the first time based on photographs and notes and adapted into a new version. The mirrors worn by the 15 performers reflect the space, the bodies of the other performers, as well as those of the spectators. Through the fragmentation of the space and the fragility of the props, Jonas addresses the power structures that underpin the gaze and the way gender constructions are propagated by media images.

With the performance ticket you receive reduced admission to the exhibition “Joan Jonas”.

Reconstruction and realisation Joan Jonas with Nefeli Skarmea

Jana Baldovino, Eléonore Bovet, Erica D’Amico, Deepa Hegde, Marcell Johnson, Nadège Kanku, Nicolai Kaps, Nicola Kötterl, Elodie Lavoignat, Laura Manz, Alexandra Paal, Amit Preisman Bard, Aya Sone, Veronica Vagnoni, Giulia Zabarella