Guided tour for blind and visually impaired visitors through “Katalin Ladik. Ooooooooo-pus”


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Inclusiontour in German
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3 € plus admission

Event overview

Our guided tour is aimed at blind and visually impaired people, their companions and sighted art lovers who would like to get in touch with art from a different perspective.

“Ooooooooo-pus” is the first survey exhibition in Germany of Katalin Ladik. It shows her foundational work in poetry, performance, and sound in an exhibition that should be heard as much as seen.

Ladik's poems, for instance, are collages of newspaper clippings, music sheet and cutting patterns. At the same time, the artist understands them as musical scores that she interprets with her voice. This is where we start with the guided tour and invite the group to experiment with language, sound and rhythm with simple exercises. No previous knowledge is necessary.

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