Hylozoic/Desires. Healing ritual with gongs "As Grand As What"


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Event overview

Healing ritual with gongs: As Grand As What by Hylozoic/Desires

Hylozoic/Desires is a performance duo consisting of Himali Singh Soin and David Soin Tappeser. In their collaborative practice, the artists combine experimental poetry with improvisational jazz to develop speculative futures traversing linear notions of time. Himali Singh Soin’s poetic storytelling, which characterizes her texts, performances, and videos, connects the spiritual cosmologies of her ancestral world with contemporary political and ecological realities. Musician David Soin Tappeser’s compositions explore conceptions of temporality and the relationship between sound and the perception of time.

Presented as part of Echoes, Hylozoic/Desires’s healing ritual with gongs As Grand As What (2019 — 2022) addresses the fundamental role of rituals and their imagery in both social and ecological systems. Drawing on research about ancestral healing rituals from the Himalayas and a mandala visualizing the Buddhist system of Kalachakra (Sanskrit: Wheel of Time), the immersive performance designs a reinterpretation of this mystical geometry. Embedded in a threechannel video projection and a sound bath, a story unfolds of the search for a lost collective life force (bla or prana) that is evoked through processes of grounding, circulation, and regeneration.

Free entrance to the event with the Echoes-Pass, which you can pick up at the HDK box office by presenting your Pass ticket. Please, come timely to your first visit to Echoes to receive your pass.