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With the project Emiranda, Emir Timur Tokdemir and Tove Agelii piece together tracks and mixes using pop structures, elements of house, techno, rap and fragments of spoken word. Having toured extensively with each of their solo projects, Emiranda is the result of a flattening and merging of the various urban environments and paradoxical clashes of bureaucracy, the corporate world, club and street culture they have encountered, making up a semi-fictive sonic cityscape.

For “Tune”, Agelii and Tokdemir will realize this fictive environment as a new looping sound work and sparse installation in the Westgalerie. The installation will be accessible from 23—26.9.22 during the opening hours of Haus der Kunst, alongside the live “Tune” events. The admission to the installation is free. On Friday and Saturday, the new site-specific piece will be interrupted by two live performances.

As a solo artist, Emir Timur Tokdemir aka Mechatok, most recently realised a sound installation in Rome’s MACRO curated by Lorezo Senni, and a collaborative album with Swedish rapper Bladee, featuring remixes by Charli XCX, Evian Christ and more. He produced video-game soundtracks such as Defective Holiday (2020) and H.O.R.I.Z.O.N (2021), exhibited at Guggenheim.

After her debut solo album Blinks (2018) on Berlin’s PAN, Tove Agelii aka Toxe released the EP Split together with Crystallmess, she is running her FF sound radio residency on NTS in London, created a soundtrack for Burberry’s runway show, and wrote a composition for a still image film The Story of Leonara by Clemens Stumpf and Loic Vandam.

On the first evening, they will present an extended performance of the new sound work, with fragments of spoken word recited over a bed of artificial “city field recordings” and reduced synth compositions. The following evening will feature material from their new upcoming album project, with live electronics and singing.

On both evenings producer and DJ Tobias Lee, known as Why Be, will perform an opening set. Lee is co-founder of the label Yegorka, where he supports artists working with wide reaching influences to generate new forms, and is home to Emiranda's first album My Face. Lee's own sound equally defies categorisation, drawing on breaks, noise, and rap.

There will be an Artist Talk with Emir Timur Tokdemir and Tove Agelii on 24.9.22 at 6 pm. Admission is free of charge.