Christine Sun Kim. Every Life Signs - Bilingual guided tour in German Sign Language and German spoken language


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Inclusiontour in German Sign Language and Deutscher Lautsprache
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This bilingual tour is designed for both Deaf* visitors, whose first language is German Sign Language, and for hearing visitors. The tour was developed in close cooperation with the art mediator Birgit Fehn (Museum Signers), who is Deaf herself. An interpreter facilitates the direct exchange between the deaf and hearing speakers and participants.

Based on her own experiences, the artist Christine Sun Kim explores how sound and language shape our access and participation in society. In her compositions, she combines representations of American Sign Language with written English, musical notation and poetry. Kim created an expansive, multimedia work for Haus der Kunst’s central hall. In her installation, the artist visualizes the basic characteristics of American Sign Language grammar. She also draws attention to everyday experiences of temporality and delay, and what these entail for deaf people living in a society that favors verbal and auditory communication.

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*The terms “gehörlos” and “taub” are both used in the German-speaking area. In the context of the exhibition "Every Life Signs" Haus der Kunst employs the term “Taub”, instead of “Gehörlos”, according to recommendations of the German Association of the Deaf. Following the Anglo-American usage of “Deaf,“ “Taub“ is increasingly becoming popular within the Deaf community in Germany, as the term does not linguistically imply any deficiency (unlike the German suffix: “-los”). In accordance with the artist's self-conception, the capitalisation refers to Deafness as a cultural identity.

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