Caterina Barbieri. Performance


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Event overview

For “Tune”, Caterina Barbieri will present intimate musical experiences that borrow respectively from her two most recent major projects: her newly launched label called light-years, a creative platform for different artists and collaborators, and her brand new album Spirit Exit (2022). The release draws upon the transcendental poetry of female mysticism, cyber culture and post-humanist theories, technological intimacy, and the human relationship to nature and environmental collapse.
Accompanied by a site-specific, immersive video environment designed by Barbieri’s long-time collaborator Ruben Spini, the performances make her transforming approach to creating, and having, musical experiences tangible.

Caterina Barbieri is an Italian composer and musician, whose cascades of synthesizer melodies and rhythmic pulses seem to bend time and space around her. Approaching her practice as an intimate exchange between humans and technology, she generates complex sequences that trigger temporal and spatial hallucinations, often exploring trance and emotional focus.
A sense that music is an agent of creation, and composition a living organism, is felt deeply in her work, where structures emerge and dissolve. Her compositions are at once mechanical and alive, interwoven with organic sounds, such as the 18th century harpsichord and operatic vocals in her album Ecstatic Computation from 2019.

Caterina Barbieri will also present the performance on 29 October.

The event is standing room only. If you need a seat, our staff on site can help you.