Artist Talk with Wolfgang Voigt and Thomas Meinecke


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Tune in German
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6-7 pm Artist Talk with Wolfgang Voigt and Thomas Meinecke

The creative body of Wolfgang Voigt has always been characterized by complexity, boundlessness, and unpredictability. The negation of the bounds of genre, style, and taste has been and still is today a crucial element of his body of work, just like the uptake / quotation and processing of external contents through universal sampling. Having been socialised in the pop culture of the 1970s and 80s, Wolfgang Voigt has since been creating his very own art-music cosmos influenced by glam rock and jazz, new wave and folk music, pop art, and digital expressionism.

For Tune, Voigt presents the brand new album Der Lange Marsch by his main project GAS, as well as GAS: Rückverzauberung – Abstract Essentials, live in concert. Voigts’s audiovisual project GAS is based on psychedelically-compressed classical sound sources in combination with ecstatically-focused forest photographs and films, and particularly fascinates audiences far beyond electronic music and techno. GAS fantasizes about an audiovisual frenzy between Schönberg and Kraftwerk, between French horn and bass drum. GAS is Wagner as glam rock, Hansel and Gretel on acid. An endless march through the undergrowth, into the imaginary discotheque of a nebulous, abstract forest.

The Artist Talk with Wolfgang Voigt will be hosted by Thomas Meinecke. Meinecke is a writer, musician, radio DJ and also a DJ in urban night clubs. At Berlin's Theater Hebbel am Ufer, he has been running the dialogic event series "Plattenspieler" since 2007. In the winter semester 2011/12 he held the poetry lectureship at Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main. Numerous residencies at universities in Europe and the USA.

Wolfgang Voigt presents GAS "Der Lange Marsch"
28.1.22 at 8 pm

Wolfgang Voigt presents GAS "Rückverzauberung – Abstract Essentials"
29.1.22 at 8 pm

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