Finissage. “Kakadu Archiv”. Performative reading


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Finissage in German

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Sabine Brantl, Curator and Head of Archiv, Haus der Kunst
Linda Strehl, board member of the Forum Queeres Archiv München e.V.  

Performative reading of texts by Philipp Gufler and
read by Johanna Gonschorek and Philipp Gufler

The exhibition will close  with a performance by Johanna Gonschorek and Philipp Gufler. Paying tribute to the Queeres Archiv, their reading will focus on historical figures in the Queer Right movement as well as current actors in an encounter beyond chronology. These figures are not simply quoted, but rather closely joined in their attitudes and actions. Time and again, they seem to merge with “Jäcki,” the protagonist in Philipp Gufler’s novel: “Jäcki senses to have existed multiple times; he feels like a hollow form that perceives itself anew.”  

Philipp Gufler studied at Munich’s Academy of Fine Arts. He has participated in numerous exhibitions and artist residencies in the Netherlands, the USA and England. He works in diverse media, including performances, silkscreen printing (on fabric and mirrors), artist books, and video installations. In March 2021 he received the media award “HIV/Aids 2019/2020” for his works devoted to topic. Philipp Gufler is an active member of the Forum Queeres Archiv München e.V.

Johanna Gonschorek studied art and cultural studies in Munich and Athens. In her artistic work, she explores the relations between memory, epistemes, politics and power relations. Her sculptural focus often expands into the media of audio, performance and text. In 2021 she received the Contemporary Art Award of the Rotary Club Bonn, Strasbourg, Novara.