Cancelled | Ain Bailey. Workshop. "Sonic Stories. What Does Your Life Sound like?"


Practical information

Echoes in English
Reservation required
10 €

Event overview

We are sorry to announce that the workshop with Ain Bailey have to be cancelled as the artist is currently not able to travel.

Visitors who have already purchased a ticket have already been notified.

Workshop: Sonic Stories. What Does Your Life Sound like? by Ain Bailey

Ain Bailey is an artist and DJ. Her electronic compositions often incorporate field recordings, urban soundscapes and collected music. They reflect on absence, historicity, and the importance of sound in identity construction.

Bailey explores the importance of music for community building and care by drawing on site-specific historical sound archives of Black resistance movements from England and numerous current artistic collaborations.

As part of Echoes, Bailey invites visitors to participate in a “sonic autobiography” workshop, which explores the role of music in the formation and mobilization of memory. The interactive session will focus on collaborative listening to individually collected sound elements. Bailey, thus, opens up a space of sensory resonance in which forms of communication and exchange about experiences are explored beyond the predominant realm of spoken language.

Please bring a small selection of music that carries personal meaning. If you do not have a USB stick, a list of music titles will also suffice.