Abdullah Miniawy. Concert with Peter Corser


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Concert: Abdullah Miniawy with Peter Corser

Abdullah Miniawy is an Egyptian writer, chanter, composer and actor, whose artistic work is an expression of religion, revolution and freedom. During the Arab Spring he became a political figure of resistance after his poetry spread through Al Yarmouk, a refugee camp in Syria, as well as Tunisia and other countries. In 2017, he was forced to leave Egypt by the oppressive regime of al-Sisi. In 2021 he was chosen by the European parliament in Strasbourg as one of three changemakers based in the Schengen area to present a French-Egyptian artist perspective on today‘s crucial challenges at the European Youth Event and invited as one of 30 diverse speakers to the European summit “Europe takes part!”.

Artistic collaborations are at the core of Miniawy’s practice. Over two evenings, as part of Tune and Echoes, he will present a performance with jazz saxophonist Peter Corser — an improvisational dialogue between voice and saxophone — as well as his collaboration with the German-based trio Carl Gari (Jonas Yamer, Till Funke, and Jonas Friedlich), melding haunting drones and ominous throbs with a digitally processed voice incanting in Arabic.

The film I Am In the Sea Now (2021) is based on a poem by Miniawy and was developed with Munich-based media artist Justin Urbach. The work explores the laborious experience of a poet in search of inspiration after losing his connection to his mother tongue while in exile.    

There will be an film screening with Abdullah Miniawy on 3.3.22 at 7.30 pm. Admission is free of charge with the performance and concert ticket. 

There will be an Artist Talk with Abdullah Miniawy on 4.3.22 at 7 pm. Admission is free of charge with the performance and concert ticket.

Free entrance to the event with the Echoes-Pass. You can pick up this at the HDK box office by presenting your Pass ticket. Please, come timely to your first visit to Echoes to receive your pass.