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The exhibition "So Sorry" by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei was accompanied by a blog that contained images, texts, and videos about the exhibition's four-week installation, and its extensive public program. It also ran entries dealing with the artist's violent arrest in China, his ensuing health problems, and his emergency operation in Munich – all documented by Ai Weiwei as a sign of his artistic freedom. MORE


Ai Weiwei



Wounds of Memory

06.05 – 28.05.95

With "Wounds of Memory", organized on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the liberation from Nazi dictatorship, Haus der Kunst wanted to draw attention to the war's horrific banality. MORE


Gustav Metzger

21.05.10 – 31.03.11

"Strampelde Bäumf/Mirrortrees" shows trees that have been torn from the earth by the roots, turned upside down and poured in concrete – trees toppled and kicking wildly, an image that reflects the story of Metzger's life. MORE


Ai Weiwei: "Dust to Dust", 2009



Resistance — Thought Pictures for the Future

11.12.93 – 20.02.94

In times of increasing nationalist tendencies, the National Gallery of Modern Art and Haus der Kunst felt obligated to take a stand, which found its expression in this collaborative exhibition. MORE


Amar Kanwar

08.10 – 09.11.08

In his 19-part film essay Amar Kanwar deals in a direct, elliptical and metaphorical way with the fight for a democratic society, with political exile, memory and alienation. MORE