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The Conditions of Spectrality and Spectatorship in Thomas Ruff's Photographs

Essay by Okwui Enwezor MORE


William Eggleston

20.02 – 17.05.09

The American artist William Eggleston is considered to be one of the most idiosyncratic photographer's of the 20th century. This comprehensive retrospective follows his artistic development from the early black-and-white images and pioneering transition to colour photography, all the way to the present day. MORE


Click Doubleclick

08.02 – 23.04.06

"Click Doubleclick" presents selected standpoints in contemporary photography in which the image results are a construction of authenticity. The focus of the exhibition is the understanding of reality in photography and faith in the authenticity that is still associated with the medium. MORE


Bernd und Hilla Becher

16.06 – 19.09.04

Bernd and Hilla Becher met in Düsseldorf at the end of the fifties and have been working together since then, for over forty years, on an archive for industrial architecture. Invariably using the neutral background of a grey and cloudless sky, they place their chosen images centre-picture and format-filling. Following previously determined criteria, the photos make up so-called "Typologies". In exhibitions the black and white photographs are arranged into tableaux, thus a screen-like presentation emerges, giving the viewer the opportunity to compare images. MORE


Thomas Ruff



Andreas Gursky

17.02 – 13.05.07

Andreas Gursky has used techniques of digital image production for more than ten years. His works are digital sums of several different shots that have been added together to form a digitally composed image. In this way subjective views of the world, fictions based on facts and constructions of authenticity in the guise of documentations are created. MORE


Jenny Holzer

16.11 – 12.12.93

Where women are dying, I am wide awake MORE


Albert Renger-Patzsch — Retrospective

01.02 – 13.04.98

Retrospective MORE


Michael Schmidt

21.05 – 22.08.10

The works by Berlin-based artist Michael Schmidt present a further distinctive position within contemporary photography shown at the Haus der Kunst. Michael Schmidt takes only black-and-white photographs since, in his view, this neutralises our colourful world reducing it to a wide spectrum of greys. MORE


Withholding Images

Withholding Images MORE


Brassai — From Surrealism to the Informal

21.01 – 26.03.95

An overview of the photographic work of the Hungarian artist MORE


Germaine Krull

22.01 – 12.03.00

Germaine Krull distinguished herself as a great photographer in the context of a cosmopolitan biography. Born in East Prussia and raised in Italy, France and Switzerland, she began her studies in photography in 1915 in Munich. MORE


Sammlung Herzog

06.04 – 12.06.05

In the exhibition "The Body of Photography" the Haus der Kunst presents masterpieces from the Ruth and Peter Herzog Collection of Basel. It is, among other things, the photo historical, historical, sociological, ethnological, and ethnographical aspect that makes a photograph desirable to Ruth and Peter Herzog. MORE


Robert Adams

29.06 – 25.09.05

During the Federal Garden Show BUGA 2005, which takes place under the motto "Perspective Change" from April to September 2005 in Munich, the Haus der Kunst is presenting the world premiere of Robert Adams's new series, "Turning Back". The 164-photograph "Turning Back" series looks back at the effects of progress. The work is laid out in the fashion of a journey around the American Northwest. MORE


Lee Friedlander

16.11.05 – 12.02.06

The Haus der Kunst presents, with nearly 500 photographs, the most extensive exhibition of the American photographer Lee Friedlander to date. Like Walker Evans, Lee Freedlander was probing what he called "the American social landscape" – shop fronts, ads, tvs, cars, the whole panoply of the city street. MORE


Thomas Ruff: Edition "ma.r.s.15", 2011/12




24.05 – 28.07.96

Along with Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Otto Umbehr, known as Umbo, is considered to be one of the great photographers of the Weimar Bauhaus. Taught by Oskar Schlemmer, Wassily Kandinsky and Johannes Itten, he trained his eye in graphic composition, serial structures and in the effects of light and dark. MORE


Richard Prince

15.11.96 – 06.01.97

Richard Prince, born in 1949 and now living in New York, first achieved success with "re-photographed" images from the media, which — as with his "Cowboy" series — adopt motifs from the consumer world and stylize these into myths. MORE


Mythos Weimar

15.05 – 27.06.99

On the occasion of poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s 250th birthday in 1998, the photographer Ute Klophaus walked around Weimar in the poet’s tracks and created a portrait of the city MORE