Stan Douglas: Mise en scène

Exhibition catalogue

Edited by León Krempel

With a foreword by Okwui Enwezor; contributions by David Campany, Diedrich Diederichsen, Seamus Kealy, León Krempel, Chantal Pontbriand, and Catherine Soussloff.
Published by Prestel
208 pages, approx. 130 color images
In English; Booklet in German/French
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Stan Douglas: Mise en scène

Stretch your view

Stretch your View

App, In the press

Reviews on Stan Douglas' App "Circa 1948"

Here you find various press reactions to the most recent work by Canadian artist Stan Douglas. MORE

Stan Douglas: Theater production "Helen Lawrence"

Stan Douglas's play "Helen Lawrence" will run as a guest performance at the Münchner Kammerspiele theater simultaneous to the exhibition. MORE


Stan Douglas: "Luanda-Kinshasa"

Clip from Stan Douglas's film and music installation "Luanda-Kinshasa" MORE


Trailer of Stan Douglas's "Helen Lawrence"

Official trailer of the theater production of "Helen Lawrence" MORE

In the press

Reviews on Stan Douglas' "Helen Lawrence"

Here you find different press reactions to Stan Douglas' "Helen Lawrence". MORE

Picture Gallery

Interview with Stan Douglas

In an interview for "Mousse" magazine, Stan Douglas spoke about his recent photographic works and the "Circa 1948" app. MORE


Stan Douglas App "Circa 1948"

In his app "Circa 1948", Stan Douglas places the user in Vancouver's postwar period – a time characterized by both past splendor and dark intrigue. MORE


Worksheet on "Stan Douglas: Mise en scène"

Here you can find a worksheet on the exhibition for school classes from 10 to 12 MORE

Exhibition catalogue

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Ellen Gallagher — AxME

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Georg Baselitz — Back then, in between, and today

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