Photo Jörg Koopmann

Part of the painting collection, photo Jörg Koopmann

Design drawing by Max Ott for the former "Hall of Honor", 1956, photo Jörg Koopmann

Extract from the ledger record items in the air-raid-bunker, 1944, photo Jörg Koopmann

A report on hanging and placement of the works in the "Great German Art Exhibition", 1940, photo Jörg Koopmann

Ground floor plan of the "House of German Art" with sketched-in-annotations by the American Military Government, 1938/46, photo Jörg Koopmann

Historical Archive

Haus der Kunst opened its Historical Archive in 2005. A wealth of documents and other materials has been available to the public ever since. These materials provide insight into the institution’s historical development and exhibition business from 1933 to the 1970s.

With the opening of the Archive Gallery in March 2014, the archive holdings – which have been compiled for research purposes – will be permanently integrated into an exhibition space and made freely available to the general public. As the visible memory of Haus der Kunst's turbulent history, an exhibition space has been established for the Archive Gallery, which is situated along the publically accessible Middle Hall. This new format intends successively to introduce an open and dynamic form to the generally static connotation associated with the term 'archive'. Changing presentations, which explore various topics and are created in cooperation with international institutions, artists and scholars, are planned for the Archive Gallery; the interactive range will be continually expanded to this end.

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