Exhibition Documentation 2000—2009

Here you find the exhibitions of the first decade of the 2000s. Chris Dercon, Christoph Vitali's successor, introduced what he called the "Critical Reconstruction" of Haus der Kunst in 2003. The building's original architecture was gradually exposed, and  a series of exhibitions was integrated into the process. The walls of the former "Ehrenhalle" [Hall of Honor] have been visible again since the exhibition "Lala Land Parodie Paradies" by Paul McCarthy" in 2005. Numerous artists were invited to address the building's architecture and history, like the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei with his show "So Sorry" in 2009.


Ai Weiwei. So Sorry

12.10.09 – 17.01.10

Ai Weiwei is regarded as one of the most important contemporary artists in China. Besides several familiar works in different media, Ai Weiwei also shows two new works in "So Sorry" that were produced especially for the Haus der Kunst. More


Thomas Schütte

07.06 – 06.09.09

The Düsseldorf artist Thomas Schütte has an impressive repertory of different themes and forms of expression at his disposal. This exhibition now provides an overview of his multi-facetted creativity with works dating from the 1980s to today. More


Maison Martin Margiela

20.03 – 01.06.09

The fashion label "Maison Martin Margiela" (MMM) was founded in Paris 20 years ago – occasion to stage an unusual exhibition. The presentation allows for insights into stylistic devices and designs of MMM, who redefine fashion as once Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent did. More


Gerhard Richter

27.02 – 17.05.09

For the first time this exhibition shows a comprehensive selection of Gerhard Richter's abstract paintings that he created since the mid-1970s and that dominate his opus today. These large format pictures usually form a series and testify to the artist's continued examination of the conditions of painting: its principles, limits and possibilities. More


Apichatpong Weerasethakul

20.02 – 17.05.09

The stories by the award-winning Thai filmmaker Apichatpong Weerasethakul are based on myths and memories. "Primitive" is a multi-part project that deals with reincarnation and transformation. More


William Eggleston

20.02 – 17.05.09

This comprehensive retrospective follows his artistic development from the early black-and-white images and pioneering transition to colour photography, all the way to the present day. More


Amar Kanwar

08.10 – 09.11.08

In his 19-part film essay Amar Kanwar deals in a direct, elliptical and metaphorical way with the fight for a democratic society, with political exile, memory and alienation. More


Made in Munich

21.11.08 – 22.02.09

Since the beginning of the 1970s, Munich along with New York and London, was leading with regards to editions and multiples. The exhibition shows works from 1968 to today, which were initiated and produced by a.o. dedicated Munich galleries and "editeurs". More


Garin Nugroho

19.09.08 – 11.01.09

In his film "Opera Jawa" (2006) Indonesian director Garin Nugroho re-interprets the Indian national epic "Ramayana". Nugroho combines traditional forms of Gamelan music, rod-puppet theater, Javanese dance and song with contemporary choreography; the projection is staged as a theatrical installation in the central Middle Hall of the museum. More


Traces of the Spiritual

19.09.08 – 11.01.09

Beginning with mysticism in the works of, for example, Caspar David Friedrich, the artistic search for intellectual and spiritual content lead to outstanding artistic positions trying to express the cosmic and infinity in the 20th century. More


Allora & Calzadilla

13.06 – 14.09.08

Based in Puerto Rico, Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla work in the most diverse artistic mediums. Allora & Calzadilla now present a new work in the museum's former "Ehrenhalle" [Hall of Honour] addressing the history of this space. More


"The Trial of Strength"

30.05 – 31.08.08

This year the Munich Art Academy of Fine Arts is celebrating its 200th anniversary – on this occasion the Haus der Kunst has brought together exemplary works by its professors and students in a large exhibition. More


Robert Rauschenberg

09.05 – 14.09.08

In the 1950s the American artist Robert Rauschenberg began to consider the boundaries between painting and sculpture. By integrating found objects such as light bulbs, leftover wallpaper or car tyres into his works, the "Combine Paintings" and the free-standing "Combines" emerged bringing international acclaim to Rauschenberg. More



07.05 – 17.08.08

For more than 30 years, Parr has been documenting society and everyday culture, predominantly in his home country Great Britain, but beyond this, he has also documented global phenomena such as mass tourism, consumerist behaviour or so-called leisure time.More


Luc Tuymans

02.03 – 12.05.08

The Belgian artist Luc Tuymans's paintings are unique in their intangibility, their mysteriousness and stillness. The exhibition brings together the artist's paintings from the last 30 years, as well as a wall drawing, which he created especially for this exhibition. More


Rupprecht Geiger

25.01 – 08.05.08

On his 100th birthday Haus der Kunst is paying tribute to the artist with an installation in the museum's central Middle Hall, where, besides two large color sails, the famous "Rote Trombe" [Red Dust Devil] is on display. More


Anish Kapoor

18.10.07 – 21.01.08

The Indian artist Anish Kapoor creates objects that seem to stem from a different world: sculptures made from powder pigment, monumental installations with the most diverse materials. More


Robin Rhode

16.09.07 – 06.01.08

"Walk Off" is Robin Rhode's first comprehensive exhibition in Europe. Drawings, photographs, animations and sculptures are on display a.o. – complemented by an action room. More


Gilbert & George

11.06 – 09.09.07

The "Major Exhibition" presents Gilbert & George's art of the last forty years – not only the pictures, but also all the mediums with which the artists have engaged, including documentations on their "Living Sculptures", books, large format charcoal-on-paper sculptures from the early 70s, postcard sculptures and films. More


Christoph Schlingensief

25.05 – 16.09.07

The film, theater director and artist Christoph Schlingensief presents his installation "18 Images a Second", a work created especially for the central Middle Hall of the museum.More


Georg Petel

09.05 – 19.08.07

The Haus der Kunst shows a substantial selection of Georg Petel's works in ivory, wood and bronze. More


Andreas Gursky

17.02 – 13.05.07

Andreas Gursky's works are digital sums of several different shots that have been added together to form a digitally composed image. In this way subjective views of the world, fictions based on facts and constructions of authenticity in the guise of documentations are created. More


Yayoi Kusama

09.02 – 06.05.07

The art of the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is pure obsession. Her trademarks: grid structures, spheres, mirrors and, above all, dots – Polka Dots. The exhibition is shown in the central Middle Hall of Haus der Kunst. More


Lawrence Weiner

07.02.07 – 31.03.08

Wir bleiben Schiffe auf dem Meer / Überhaupt nicht Enten auf einem Teich / Sail on [We remain ships at sea / Above all not ducks on a pond / Sail on]More


Allan Kaprow

18.10.06 – 21.01.07

The American Allan Kaprow embodied the term "Happenings". He combined painting, music and theater and questioned art as object and formulated the concern for uniting art and life.More


Amrita Sher-Gil

03.10.06 – 07.01.07

The exhibition, a world premier, will present the work and life of the Indian-Hungarian artist Amrita Sher-Gil. This emblematic figure, comparable to Frida Kahlo, was a protagonist of artistic Modernism in India. More


Black Paintings

15.09.06 – 14.01.07

This exhibition presents monochromatic black paintings by Ad Reinhardt, Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman and others. At the end of 1940s, a flood of black paintings poured over New York – a phenomenon that could be observed into the 60s. More


Art for All

14.06 – 03.09.06

Between 1885 and 1944, millions read the art journal "Art for All". The exhibition brings together the magazine and the paintings published in it. More


Frans Post

02.06 – 17.09.06

From the "Canaletto of Brazil" to the "Rousseau of the seventeenth century", there has been no lack of comparisons to describe the fascination for Dutch painter Frans Post.More


Herzog & de Meuron

12.05 – 30.07.06

Haus der Kunst takes advantage of the 2006 World Cup to devote a solo exhibition to Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron. The show focuses not on the renowned architects's achievement, but rather on the creative process.More


Konstantin Grcic

16.03 – 30.07.06

Konstantin Grcic creates industrial designs together with companies such as Krups, Magis, Plank, Flos, Nymphenburg and Classicon. The exhibition offers Konstantin Grcic the opportunity to present his works as he sees them – very subjective and free. More


Click Doubleclick

08.02 – 23.04.06

The exhibition presents selected standpoints in contemporary photography in which the image results are a construction of authenticity. The focus of the exhibition is the understanding of reality in photography and faith in the authenticity that is still associated with the medium. More


Lee Friedlander

16.11.05 – 12.02.06

The Haus der Kunst presents, with nearly 500 photographs, the most extensive exhibition of the American photographer Lee Friedlander to date. Lee Freedlander was probing what he called "the American social landscape" – shop fronts, ads, tvs, cars, the whole panoply of the city street. More


Family Affairs

19.10.05 – 22.01.06

The main thesis of the exhibition is built on the belief that both familial relationships, which, according to statistics, make up about 50 percent of an individual's hereditary disposition, and common social and cultural environments are decisive in the formation of artistic personalities.More


French Masterpieces

07.10.05 – 08.01.06

Over 170 representative paintings are on display in this ambitious German-French exhibition project. The paintings are on loan from various German collections and offer a comprehensive overview of French painting ranging from followers of Caravaggio to disciples of the Neo-classicists of the early 1800s. More


Robert Adams

29.06 – 25.09.05

Robert Adams is one of the twentieth century's most style-defining photographers. For the past four decades he has documented the constant change of the persistently myth-laden American West from a natural to a cultural landscape.More


Paul McCarthy

12.06 – 28.08.05

Paul McCarthy is considered to be one of the most internationally recognized and influential contemporary artists. The exhibition in Haus der Kunst presents two new installations by the artist. The works are the result of several years' work and are presented to the public for the first time here. More


Herzog Collection

06.04 – 12.06.05

"L'image prime sur le nom." (Ruth Herzog) In the exhibition Haus der Kunst presents masterpieces from the Ruth and Peter Herzog Collection of Basel. More


Generali Foundation Collection

09.03 – 16.05.05

The Munich exhibition is not intended to be a "blockbuster" show of this renowned collection, but rather to make connections between the different works.More


Florian Süssmayr

17.02 – 01.05.05

The Munich artist Florian Süssmayr often focuses on the commonplace, the trivial, in his paintings. The terse, unusual exactness of the painted scenes is reminiscent of an eye-witness account or the investigative gaze of a photo-journalist. More


Germany's Treasure Houses

19.11.04 – 13.02.05

Many of the artworks owned by noble families bear witness not only to the passion for collecting, but also to these princely houses' former power. Represented here are many major works of European painting and graphics, including some from the studios of Rembrandt, Rubens, Dürer, Cranach, and Holbein.More


The Image of Europe

11.10.04 – 09.01.05

In cooperation with the European Commission in Brussels, the Haus der Kunst will be presenting Koolhaas' visualisation of the new Europe here in Munich.More


Utopia Station

07.10.04 – 16.01.05

This "Utopia Station", curated by Molly Nesbit, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Rirkrit Tiravanija, follows from several others, some of them gatherings, some of them virtual, some of them exhibitions. "Utopia Station" was designed to occupy the former "Ehrenhalle" of Haus der Kunst. More


Peter Cornelius

10.09.04 – 09.01.05

In collaboration with the Alte Nationalgalerie in Berlin a major work by the academic artist and draughtsman Peter Cornelius, will be presented at the Haus der Kunst for the first time in almost seventy years, namely, his cartoons for the mythological ceiling and wall paintings in the Glyptothek in Munich. More


Aernout Mik

02.07 – 12.09.04

At the centre of the exhibition is Aernout Mik's latest video installation, "Dispersion Room" (2004), which has been specially conceived for the Haus der Kunst. This work focuses on a theme which Mik has been exploring in various ways over the past eight years – the relationship between the individual and the group. More


Bernd and Hilla Becher

16.06 – 19.09.04

With more than 80 typologies, the documentation of Zollern 2 coal mine, and more than 50 photographs of industrial landscapes, this constitutes the artist couple's largest exhibition dedicated to this topic. The Munich exhibition is about 25 percent larger than its first station in Düsseldorf.More


Nic Hess

26.03 – 06.06.04

The Hall of Honor, an approximately 500 square-meter space, is the central hall in Haus der Kunst and the site of a single installation for the first time in its history. A space of such enormity posed a challenge for Nic Hess.More


Simply Droog

18.03 – 23.05.04

Photographs, videos, drawings, models, and finished products document the history of the Droog Design movement.More


Abigail O'Brien

21.01 – 12.04.04

The concept of this exhibition will accommodate the fascinating tension between religious and everyday rituals. Abigail O'Brien's works will be contrasted with Dutch genre pictures, which for the first time concentrated on the depiction of everyday life. More


Patti Smith

19.12.03 – 29.02.04

In the exhibition "Strange Messenger: The Work of Patti Smith" the artist, born in 1946 in Chicago, presents her drawings, which she has been producing, along with her poems, since the early 1960's. More



07.11.03 – 15.02.04

In this exhibition, selected works from the collection of Ydessa Hendeles – collector, curator and founder of the Ydessa Hendeles Art Foundation in Toronto – are presented internationally for the first time.More


Utopia Station

"The world is too dangerous for anything that is not utopia." – Buckminster FullerMore



27.06 – 14.09.03

The exhibition is the first to examine the significance of the grotesque in the fine arts. The grotesque, which has fascinated artists since ancient times, forms an alternative world to the world of truth and beauty. More


Theatrum Mundi

24.05 – 21.09.03

The exhibition, celebrating the 350th anniversary of the Bavarian State Opera, is devoted to the varied interconnections between art, life and the stage in the Baroque and Rococo periods.More


The Joy of Collecting in Baroque Times

07.02 – 11.05.03

This exhibition presents two spectacular 18th-century 'private cabinets' that have remained intact and, despite their considerable inventory, virtually unknown: the collection of Friedrich Karl von Schönborn, Vienna, and the collection of Baron Samuel von Brukenthal, Sibiu.More


Carl Spitzweg

24.01 – 18.05.03

Carl Spitzweg was always a popular painter. Many of us are familiar with his humorously drawn character studies, his bizarre eccentrics, bookworms, quirky scientists, aging bachelors, cheerful monks, and self-sufficient attic dwellers, who seem to enjoy their quiet "happiness in the corner". More


Wolfgang Laib

01.11.02 – 19.01.03

The works of artist Wolfgang Laib confront the viewer with great generosity, satisfying emptiness, and present immateriality: apparent paradoxes that reveal influences of Eastern philosophy.More



25.10.02 – 19.01.03

The exhibition presents an outstanding selection of sixteenth to eigtheenth-century Italian woodcuts from the Graphic Art Collections of Weimar.More


Stephan von Huene — Tune the World

18.10.02 – 06.01.03

The works of Stephan von Huene defy easy categorization: He experimented with synaesthetic perception, which enabled viewers to simultaneously experience the visual, aural, and physical.More


Johan Christian Dahl

12.07 – 13.10.03

The Norwegian painter Johan Christian Dahl is considered, along with Caspar David Friedrich, to be the most important Romantic painter. The fresh look at Dahl's paintings is intended to acknowledge his service to early nineteenth-century German painting. More


!AVANT-GARDES! in Central Europe 1910–1930

05.07 – 06.10.02

The art-historical interest in the avant-garde in the early decades of the twentieth century concentrates on a few geographical centers. The exhibition enables a new analysis of this international network of relationships.More


Jana Sterbak

21.06 – 22.09.02

Jana Sterbak's objects prevail in the intersection of installation, performance, video and film. Haus der Kunst is staging a retrospective of Jana Sterbak's works created between 1974 and 2001.More



28.03 – 23.06.02

People learn through stories, define themselves through stories and think in stories. Telling stories through pictures has been one of art's most important tasks for centuries. More


Prudery and Passion

01.03 – 02.06.02

To the contemporaries of the Victorian Age, any naturalistic depiction of the naked body was considered morally dangerous. With the accession of Queen Victoria to the throne in 1837, the nude gained new attention and significance.More


"The Contest between Painting and Sculpture"

28.03 – 23.06.02

Artists reflecting on their choice of medium is an activity as old as art itself. Art is the subject not only of learned discussions and literary treatises, but is time and again the artworks' very subject matter. More


War and Peace

09.11.01 – 10.02.02

The czarist Pavlovsk Palace can be regarded as a German princess's creation. Its international reputation is inextricably linked to the name of the Russian grand duchess, czarina and widow Maria Feodorovna, née Princess Sophie Dorothée of Württemberg.More


Dora Maar

13.10.01 – 06.01.02

The exhibition "Dora Maar & Picasso" provides a retrospective of Dora Maar's artistic oeuvre. Known as Pablo Picasso's companion, model and muse and, as such, the subject of many of his most famous paintings, it is often ignored that Dora Maar was an exceptional artist in her own right.More


The Rau Collection

05.10.01 – 13.01.02

The Rau Collection is one of the most important private art collections in Europe. Virtually unknown until recently, it is presented to the public for the first time with this exhibition. More



06.07 – 07.10.01

The exhibition "Mattis-Teutsch and Der Blaue Reiter" [Mattis-Teutsch and the Blue Rider] is the first retrospective of the Siebenbürger Saxon artist Hans Mattis-Teutsch. The Hungarian National Gallery and the Mission Art Gallery in Budapest and Haus der Kunst in Munich have selected more than 150 paintings, 40 sculptures, 30 graphics, 70 linocuts and woodcuts.More


Sean Scully

14.06 – 16.09.01

The exhibition in Haus der Kunst, which includes close to 100 paintings, pastels, watercolors and photographs, focuses on Sean Scully's work from the 1990s.More


Piotr Nathan. He, Who Counts the Stars.

27.04 – 08.07.00

For more than 20 years, Berlin-based artist Piotr Nathan has created artworks in various mediums, including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, and installation.More


Neo Rauch — Randgebiet

16.03 – 27.05.01

The exhibition – named after an eponymous work from 1999 – unites about 40 major works from the seven years preceding the exhibition, thereby providing an overview of Rauch's artistic oeuvre for the first time. More


Kurt Schwitters

09.03 – 27.05.01

The exhibition is a overview of the work of the artist and anti-artist, the revolutionary and traditionalist, the enfant terrible of the middle class and the petty bourgeois Kurt Schwitters.More


Michel François

15.12.00 – 04.03.01

With the exhibition title "La Plante en Nous – The Plant Within Us", borrowed from Carlos Castaneda, the Belgian artist Michel François alludes to Castaneda's experiences with mind-altering hallucinogens.More


Robert Ryman

08.12.00 – 18.02.01

The works of the American artist Robert Ryman belong to classic twentieth-century painting. With spaces by Ariane Epars, Clay Ketter, Albert Weis, and Beat ZodererMore



02.12.00 – 18.03.01

Under the ambiguous title "Hand-Work", the exhibition focuses on the part the hand plays in painting and sculpture. More


Haim Steinbach. North East South West.

08.09 – 19.11.00

Haim Steinbach achieved international prominence in the mid-1980s by combining banal objects in series and setting them up attractively on wedge-shaped consoles.More


Objects in Twentieth-Century Art.

02.09 – 19.11.00

For twentieth-century art, the introduction of real, everyday objects was as crucial as abstraction. The exhibition illustrates this process and presents works of art that play a game of illusions with an object's "thingness".More


The True Story of Sophie Calle.

26.08 – 12.11.00

When the French conceptual artist Sophie Calle returned in 1979 to Paris, a city that had become foreign to her after a seven-year trip around the world, she began to trail passersby with her camera.More


Schnorr von Carolsfeld

31.05 – 06.08.00

As a Romantic painter, Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld was one of the most important representatives of the "Nazarenes", a group of young artists around Friedrich Overbeck who sought the renewal of German art from the spirit of religion. More


Antoni Tàpies — The Retrospective

26.05 – 13.08.00

The retrospective is the most extensive exhibition dedicated to Antoni Tàpies to date. With 90 pieces from public and private collections worldwide, it offers an overview of the artist's oeuvre. More


Goethe's Italian Museum

13.05 – 30.07.00

"Most Secret Abode" is the title of a poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe written around 1810. The verses are about an imaginary building in Italy used as a place of spiritual education.More


Herlinde Koelbl

16.03 – 14.05.00

How do people who become minister, prime minister, chancellor of Germany, or the head of a large company, change under the pressure of responsibility and public attention? More


Beauty now

10.02 – 01.05.00

Beauty was long not a category in modern art – fashion, advertising and mass media had claimed it for their own. In recent years, however, a return of beauty in contemporary art has been evident.More


Maximilian Speck von Sternburg Collection

28.01 – 01.05.00

The collection of the Leipzig merchant and art patron Maximilian Speck von Sternburg is one of the most significant civil art collections of the 19th century.More


Germaine Krull

22.01 – 12.03.00

Germaine Krull distinguished herself as a great photographer in the context of a cosmopolitan biography. Born in East Prussia and raised in Italy, France and Switzerland, she began her studies in photography in 1915 in Munich.More