Exhibition Documentation 1960—1969

Here you will find the exhibitions of the 1960s, in which former "degenerate art" continued to be exhibited in order to advance the "denazification" process. Following the exhibition "Degenerate Art" in 1962, which recalled the iconoclasm of 1937, exhibitions were mounted that included works by a series of artists who had been banned under the Nazis, including Georges Braque, Max Beckmann, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Paul Gauguin, and others.


French Fauvism and early German Expressionism

26.03.1966 – 15.05.1966

French Fauvism and the beginning of German Expressionism


Secession — European art around the turn of the century

14.03.1964 – 10.05.1964

The exhibition focused on the early days of Modernism, which, in the major European art centers, occurred during the transition from the nineteenth to twentieth centuries and began with "Secessions."More


Georges Braque

18.10.1963 – 15.12.1963

Through the artist's death just months before the exhibition opened, the retrospective of works by Georges Braque achieved special relevance and was rated "agréée" by the International Council of Museums (ICOM).More


French contemporary painting

30.03.1963 – 12.05.1963


Wilhelm Lehmbruck

30.03.1963 – 12.05.1963

The exhibition focused on 46 sculptures, but also draw the viewer's attention to a number of various paintings, drawings, and graphic works, thereby revealing a largely unknown aspect of the artist's body of work. More


Degenerate Art — The Iconoclasm 25 Years Ago

25.10.1962 – 16.12.1962

The exhibition commemorated the defamatory "Degenerate Art" exhibition, which was ordered by Adolf Hitler and took place at the same time as the lavish launch of the "House of German Art" in 1937. More


Hans Purrmann

23.03.1962 – 20.05.1962


Aristide Maillol

20.07.1962 – 07.10.1962

On the occasion of the 200th birthday of Aristide Maillol, the Musée d'Art Moderne in Paris presented an exhibition of 180 works of sculpture, painting, graphics, and craft by the acclaimed artist.More


Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

17.10.1961 – 17.12.1961

In 1961, in collaboration with the Musée Toulouse-Lautrec the Haus der Kunst presented an exhibition of the great French painter and founder of poster art. "He is small and destined to accomplish great things," a critic once said of him. More


From Bonnard to today

15.07.1961 – 24.09.1961

Masterpieces from private French collections


Henry Moore

05.11.1960 – 11.12.1960

With this major retrospective consisting of 55 sculptures, 60 drawings, and two wall hangings, Haus der Kunst paid tribute to Henry Moore in 1960 as "the first English sculptor of European importance". More


Maurice Utrillo V.

15.06.1960 – 11.09.1960

Son of Suzanne Valadon


Paul Gaugin

01.04.1960 – 29.05.1960

In the exhibition Haus der Kunst highlighted an artist, who, during his lifetime, was not known to possess the "creative spirit of France" that Germain Bazin, chief curator of the Louvre museum in Paris, evokes in his catalogue essay. More



11.10.1969 – 04.01.1970

13th-19th centuries


Frescoes from Florence

11.07.1969 – 24.08.1969



21.06.1969 – 28.09.1969


Joan Miró

15.03.1969 – 11.05.1969

With 238 objects including 118 paintings, a variety of gouaches, collages, prints, sculptures, ceramics, and illustrated books, the exhibition outlined the stages of Miró's 50-year career to date.More


Max Beckmann

09.11.1968 – 06.01.1969

Haus der Kunst honored Max Beckmann (1884–1950) as one of the greatest twentieth-century German painters with a 1968 retrospective of his work. More


Carl Spitzweg

07.10.1967 – 07.01.1968

and his circle of friends


Fritz Wotruba

07.06.1967 – 24.09.1967

In 1967, Haus der Kunst took the 60th birthday of Austrian sculptor Fritz Wotruba as an opportunity to pay him tribute with an exhibition of 95 of his sculptures and drawings.More


Graham Sutherland

11.03.1967 – 07.05.1967

A few years after its exhibition of works by English sculptor Henry Moore, Haus der Kunst again paid tribute to a contemporary artist from England, this time to the painter Graham Sutherland.More


Pierre Bonnard

08.10.1966 – 01.01.1967


Wilhelm von Kobell 1766–1853

25.06.1966 – 21.08.1966

Memorial exhibition for the painter's 200th birthday


500 years of European graphics

07.04.1966 – 12.06.1966