Kendell Geers: 1988 – 2012

Exhibition Walk-through 15.02.13 2013

The exhibition walk-through gives an overview of Kendell Geers' works, which are spread over the exhibition's three spaces. Geers' incendiary artistic practice is influenced by his background and early experiences growing up as a white Afrikaner in the volatile political environment of South Africa. At the age of fifteen, Geers joined the ranks of the anti-apartheid movement and thereafter developed a body of work that fuses the personal with the political, the poetic with the abject, and the violent with an erotic tension.

Kendell Geers: 1988 – 2012


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On the Aesthetic and Political Language of Art

On the Aesthetic and Political Language of Art: A Conversation between Kendell Geers and William Kentridge, moderated by Okwui Enwezor, director of Haus der Kunst MORE

Picture Gallery


Clive Kellner: Kendell Geers 1988 — 2012

Clive Kellner, curator of the exhibition, gives an overview of Kendell Geers' work from 1988 to 2012. MORE


Tour of the exhibition "Kendell Geers 1988 — 2012"

In a tour of the exhibition, Kendell Geers and the show's curator, Clive Kellner, present selected works. MORE


"Soweto Uprising" – Readymade and photographs

Kendell Geers' readymade "Untitled, 1976" is a mortuary register listing the name of a young boy who was killed during the Soweto Uprising – an event captured also in numerous photographs in the exhibition "Rise and Fall of Apartheid". MORE


Kendell Geers



Kendell Geers: Edition "FF.V.II.", 2013



Exhibition program on video

A video containing brief visual descriptions of current exhibitions. MORE


William Kentridge: Tide table

"Tide Table" is one of ten films by South African artist William Kentridge that "Rise and Fall of Apartheid" shows in its own cinema. MORE