Robert Rauschenberg "Travelling '70–'76"

Exhibition Walk-through , Booklet 09.05.08 2008

The booklet provides a detailed description of the American artist's work series presented in the exhibition, such as "Cardboards", "Venetians", "Early Egyptians", "Made in Israel", "Hoarfrosts", and "Jammers", and also includes an extensive bibliography on the subject and a short biography of the artist.

Robert Rauschenberg "Travelling '70–'76"


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Robert Rauschenberg

09.05 – 14.09.08

In the 1950s the American artist Robert Rauschenberg began to consider the boundaries between painting and sculpture. By integrating found objects such as light bulbs, leftover wallpaper or car tyres into his works, the "Combine Paintings" and the free-standing "Combines" emerged bringing international acclaim to Rauschenberg. MORE