Thomson & Craighead

Booklet 10.06.12 2012

Double culpability / Double subjectivity: Thomson & Craighead’s “A Short Film about War”

Lisa Le Feuvre and Animate Projects have published a booklet on "A Short Film about War", a video projection by Thomson & Craighead presented in the exhibition "Image Counter Image". For their work, Jon Thomson and Alison Craighead compiled photographs from Internet platforms like Flickr and from personal accounts listed on different blogs around the world. In their two-channel video projection, the left screen displays the images, while the right screen provides information about each photograph's source: the Internet link, the user’s name, the date it was uploaded, and the geographical location, occasionally even with GPS specifications. In a voiceover, we hear narrators reciting the bloggers’ statements in their native languages. Taken together, these disparate parts create a collaged, yet fluid, whole. "A Short Film about War” is a coherently told, fragmented story that illuminates diverse trouble spots while simultaneously suggesting that there are many more places in the world where war and violence are taking place than those shown here. 
The text by Lisa Le Feuvre was commissioned and published by Animate Projects with funding from the Arts Council England.

→ watch the video
→ read booklet

A Short Film about War – A Desktop Documentary, 2009, two-channel video projection, developed with help from New Media Scotland and Alt-w., Script by Jon Thomson, Alison Craighead & Steve Rushton

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