A History. Contemporary Art from the Centre Pompidou

Booklet 24.03.16 2016

The exhibition booklet accompanying "A History. Contemporary Art from the Centre Pompidou" contains an overview of the exhibition spaces and short explanatory texts on contemporary art since the 1980s. The new presentation with 160 works by more than 80 artists of the Centre Pompidou contemporary collections at Haus der Kunst focuses particularly on the altered geography of this time, notably the former Eastern Europe, China, Lebanon, and various Middle Eastern countries, India, Africa, and Latin America.

A History. Contemporary Art from the Centre Pompidou


Stretch your view

Stretch your View

Picture Gallery


Christoph Schlingensief


The leaflet (in German) provides an overview of the installation in Haus der Kunst, as well as of Schlingensief's work in general. MORE


Histories in Conflict


The illustrated online tour guides you through the six stations of the exhibition "Histories in Conflict", which takes a critical look at Haus der Kunst's historical heritage. MORE