Hanne Darboven. Enlightenment

Booklet 18.09.15 2015

The exhibition booklet accompanying "Hanne Darboven. Enlightenment" contains an overview of the exhibition spaces and short explanatory texts on the expansive work series from cultural history, music, literature, and (natural) science. The center are two principal installations: The first focuses on Darboven's books and publications, evoking in the viewer a sense of standing in a grand library at the heart of an Enlightenment institution; the second installation is a presentation of the original "music room" of Darboven's studio in Hamburg.

Hanne Darboven. Enlightenment


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Stretch your View


Hanne Darboven / Exhibition film

Exhibition film on "Hanne Darboven. Zeitgeschichten — Enlightenment" MORE


Hanne Darboven – The Composer

Hanne Darboven believed music to be as important as other art forms; beginning in 1980, she created vast musical compositions. MORE

Concert, Video

Hanne Darboven: 24 Gesänge


As part of the Hanne Darboven exhibition the organ concert "24 Gesänge" was performed in the Markuskirche. Organist: Alexander Moosbrugger, 04.12.15. MORE

Hanne Darboven – Bundeskunsthalle Bonn

The first major retrospective after the artist's death is collaboratively organized by and simultaneously presented at Haus der Kunst ("Enlightenment") and the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn ("Zeitgeschichten"). MORE


Audioguide "Hanne Darboven. Enlightenment"

An audio guide is available to lead visitors through the exhibition "Hanne Darboven. Enlightenment". MORE

In the press

Reviews on Hanne Darboven

Below you find different press reactions to Hanne Darboven and the major retrospective of this key conceptual artist. MORE

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Worksheet on "Hanne Darboven"

Here you find the worksheet on the exhibition "Hanne Darboven. A Retrospective in two parts: Zeitgeschichten — Enlightenment" for school classes 10-12 MORE


Deep Storage — Arsenals of Memory

03.08 – 12.10.97

The exhibition presents the works of more than 40 internationally renowned artists from three generations in which they explore collecting and archiving objects and the storing information in various ways. MORE


Christoph Schlingensief


The leaflet (in German) provides an overview of the installation in Haus der Kunst, as well as of Schlingensief's work in general. MORE


Histories in Conflict


The illustrated online tour guides you through the six stations of the exhibition "Histories in Conflict", which takes a critical look at Haus der Kunst's historical heritage. MORE