Georg Baselitz

19.09.14 – 01.02.15

The exhibition presents Baselitz's new work series alongside black bronze sculptures that were created during the same period.More


Victor Man – Zephir

24.10.14 – 11.01.15

In his works, Victor Man interweaves memories, myths, and references to philosophy and art history; his paintings are both timeless and visionary. More


Capsule 01: Tilo Schulz

24.10.14 – 11.01.15

For Capsule 01 Tilo Schulz has conceived a large-scale installation, which significantly modifies the existing architecture and absorbs the viewer as a protagonist.More


Capsule 02: Mohamed Bourouissa

24.10.14 – 11.01.15

In Capsule exhibition 02, Mohamed Bourouissa shows multimedia works that investigate value systems and how they impact their protagonists' identities.More


Stan Douglas: Mise en scène

20.06 – 12.10.14

The exhibition presents a selection of Stan Douglas's most recent large-scale photographs.More



18.10.13 – 21.09.14

Under the auspices of the annual art commission series DER ÖFFENTLICHKEIT — VON DEN FREUNDEN HAUS DER KUNST Manfred Pernice has created the expansive, accessible installation "Tutti IV" for the central Middle Hall in Haus der Kunst. More


Matthew Barney: River of Fundament

17.03 – 17.08.14

With "River of Fundament" Haus der Kunst shows the most complex and ambitious project that Matthew Barney has made to date.More


Ellen Gallagher — AxME

28.02 – 13.07.14

This survey exhibition takes an overview of Gallagher's practice, exploring the themes which have emerged and recurred from her seminal early canvases, to recent film installations and new bodies of work.More


Pictures in Time — Sammlung Goetz at Haus der Kunst

25.01 – 15.06.14

"Pictures in Time" is devoted to the relationship between the picture and the moving image – the slowness of these images draws attention to aspects of the subject, the composition and time.More


Abraham Cruzvillegas

25.01 – 25.05.14

Abraham Cruzvillegas' dynamic sculptural language combines natural materials and found objects, blurring the boundaries between art and craft and between industrial and manual production.More


Lorna Simpson

25.10.13 – 02.02.14

This first European retrospective presents more than 30 years of Lorna Simpson's work across the mediums of photography, film, video, and drawing.More


Richard Artschwager!

11.10.13 – 26.01.14

Presenting more than 100 sculptures, paintings, drawings, and edition works, this is the most comprehensive retrospective to date on the American artist Richard Artschwager (1923–2013). More


So Much I Want to Say: From Annemiek to Mother Courage — Sammlung Goetz at Haus der Kunst

19.04.13 – 12.01.14

The exhibition is the fifth in an ongoing series of presentations of film and video works from the Goetz Collection at Haus der Kunst. More


Festival of Independents — MUNICH/NOW/HERE

16.11.13 – 06.01.14

The "Festival of Independents" shows small creative communities within Munich; the majority of them in performative, ephemeral areas. Thus the Festival presents these works with a series of events marked a decidedly experimental quality. More


Paper Weight

12.07 – 27.10.13

A fresh look at independent publishing in the twenty-first century that focuses on 15 international, independent magazines.More


Joëlle Tuerlinckx: WORLD[K] IN PROGRESS?

09.06 – 29.09.13

In her works, Joëlle Tuerlinckx cites the conventions of how archive material is usually presented, and combines drawing and found objects, paper, display cases, and photography into collage and sculptural arrangements.More


09.11.12 – 22.09.13

Haegue Yang was the inaugural artist for DER ÖFFENTLICHKEIT — VON DEN FREUNDEN HAUS DER KUNST, an annual art commission conceived especially for the Middle Hall of Haus der Kunst. More


Ivan Kožarić. Freedom Is a Rare Bird

21.06 – 22.09.13

Ivan Kožarić is among the most significant contemporary artists of Croatia. This survey exhibition covers more than fifty years of his complex oeuvre.More


Mel Bochner: If the Color Changes

07.03 – 23.06.13

The American artist Mel Bochner is considered one of the founders of Conceptual Art. He is thus part of an artist generation that radically broke with painting's dominant position in the early 1960s.More


Rise and Fall of Apartheid

15.02 – 26.05.13

"Rise and Fall of Apartheid" offers a comprehensive historical overview of the pictorial response to apartheid which has never been undertaken before. More


Kendell Geers 1988 — 2012

01.02 – 12.05.13

Kendell Geers’s work can be divided into two periods: A political phase from 1988 to 2000, during which time the white South African artist explored the moral and ethical contradictions of the apartheid system; and the later European period, which is characterized by a more poetic aesthetic.More


Open End — Sammlung Goetz at Haus der Kunst

28.09.12 – 07.04.13

"Open End" is the fourth presentation of works from Sammlung Goetz, which are shown in the 14 basement rooms of Haus der Kunst's former air-raid shelter.More



23.11.12 – 10.02.13

The label ECM (Edition of Contemporary Music) was founded in 1969 by Manfred Eicher in Munich in order to record, produce and publish avant-garde music. The exhibition focuses on the expansive cultural landscape in which ECM has worked since 1969.More


Ends of the Earth

11.10.12 – 20.01.13

As the first major museum exhibition on Land Art, "Ends of the Earth" provides the most comprehensive overview of this art movement to date. Land Art used the earth as its material and the land as its medium, thereby creating works beyond the familiar spatial framework of the art system. More


Histories in Conflict

10.06.12 – 13.01.13

In 2012, Haus der Kunst opened its doors for its 75th year. At the same time, it looked back upon its 20-year existence as Stiftung Haus der Kunst München GmbH. More


Image Counter Image

10.06 – 16.09.12

The exhibition presents artistic positions that focus on the critical analysis of violent conflicts in the media, beginning with the First Gulf War of 1990-1991 to the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, and ending with the events of the Arab Spring of 2011. More


Resonance and Silence – Sammlung Goetz at Haus der Kunst

13.04 – 09.09.12

The acoustic perception of moving images in space is one of the great possibilities of video art, which is very much like our ordinary perception. On the other hand, images and sounds can also be interpreted differently and read anew, particularly through the strong impact of sounds on our emotional state.More


Cardiff & Miller — Works from Sammlung Goetz

13.04 – 08.07.12

The exhibition presents eight works by the Canadian artist duo Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, who, by combining image and tone and replicated spaces, activate as many of the viewer's senses as possible in order to make the depicted events as real as possible. Cardiff/Miller participated in dOCUMENTA (13), 2012.More


Thomas Ruff

17.02 – 20.05.12

The exhibition in Haus der Kunst is the first comprehensive presentation of the works of Thomas Ruff in more than ten years. It chronologically tracks his artistic development.More


Wilhelm Sasnal

03.02 – 13.05.12

The Polish artist Wilhelm Sasnal paints images using subjects he finds in daily life, the mass media, or in history.More


Why I Never Became a Dancer

30.09.11 – 01.04.12

"Why I Never Became a Dancer" is the second exhibition in the cooperation between Sammlung Goetz and Haus der Kunst. It presents 15 video works by international artists who deal with the topic of youth culture. With Doug Aitken, Rineke Dijkstra, Tracey Emin, Rosemarie Trockel and others.More


Sculptural Acts

11.11.11 – 26.02.12

The exhibition shows works by six contemporary artists who can be described as sculptural, in the broadest possible sense. The works displayed have one thing in common, namely an artistic process that comes alive with the material, as well as eccentricity ranging from quiet to humorous, and a great openness to experimentation.More


Ellsworth Kelly

07.10.11 – 22.01.12

Ellsworth Kelly numbers amongst the most important protagonists of Colour Field Painting. Throughout all his creative periods, he tried out new ideas for paintings in black and white versions as well. The retrospective is devoted to about 50 black-and-white pictures and reliefs spanning the years 1948–2010 and is complemented by a concise selection of drawings, collages and photographs.More


Carlo Mollino

16.09.11 – 08.01.12

"Maniera moderna" is devoted to the multifaceted work of the Italian architect, designer and photographer Carlo Mollino, whose furniture inspired by Surrealism, design objects, photographs and drawings will comprise the first comprehensive exhibition of the artist’s work in a German-speaking country.More


Matt Mullican

10.06 – 11.09.11

The work of Matt Mullican focuses on the meaning of life and the world order, which he tries to grasp and make visible in his spatially invasive installations. More



09.04 – 04.09.11

Since spring 2011, the Haus der Kunst is showing films and media art from the Ingvild Goetz's collection. The first group exhibition is titled "Aschemünder" and is displayed in the 14 underground, chamber-like rooms of the former air-raid shelter, which are in their original state. The works make reference to war, dictatorship, torture and persecution. More


Theatergarten Bestiarium

28.03 – 31.07.11

The exhibition is inspired by the "Bestiarium: Theater And Garden Of Wildness, Battle And Happiness", a text by the gallery owner Rüdiger Schöttle. He conceived a combination of real images with imaginations, thereby creating a unique world of shimmering, ephemeral projections and reflections, through which the visitor moves, as both spectator and actor at the same time. More


Future Beauty

04.03 – 19.06.11

"Future Beauty" is the first comprehensive overview of Japanese avant-garde fashion of the past 30 years to be presented in Europe. More



11.02 – 08.05.11

The exhibition "Move" is dedicated to the interaction between art and dance since the 1960s. The works shown are activated by the dancers and performers, who are at the exhibition. More


Gustav Metzger

21.05.10 – 31.03.11

"Strampelde Bäumf/Mirror Trees" shows trees that have been torn from the earth by the roots, turned upside down and poured in concrete – trees toppled and kicking wildly, an image that reflects the story of Metzger's life. More



29.10.10 – 06.02.11

The paintings and drawings by the South African artist, who has lived in Amsterdam since 1976, do not arise in a natural setting, unlike the Tronies from the Golden Age. Rather, they are made from photographic reproductions in books and other print media. More


The Future of Tradition — the Tradition of Future

17.09.10 – 09.01.11

In 1910, the exhibition "Masterpieces of Muhammadan Art" was held on the Theresienhöhe in Munich. Exactly one hundred years later the exhibition at the Haus der Kunst will be remembering this epoch–making show and will carry out an important change of viewpoint. More


Michael Schmidt

21.05 – 22.08.10

The works by Berlin-based artist Michael Schmidt present a further distinctive position within contemporary photography shown at the Haus der Kunst. Michael Schmidt takes only black-and-white photographs since, in his view, this neutralises our colourful world reducing it to a wide spectrum of greys. More


Thomas Mayfried

21.05 – 22.08.10

In 2003, architecture, design, fashion, film and photography were added alongside the visual arts as programmatic foci in the Haus der Kunst. This extended programme was accompanied by a new identity designed by Thomas Mayfried. This presentation provides an insight into the designer's studio and his process of designing; it shows influences and favourites. More


Collection and Archive of Herman and Nicole Daled

30.04 – 25.07.10

The exhibition at the Haus der Kunst concentrates on the period between 1966 and 1978, thereby providing a lively portrait of the progressive, international art scene at that time. More


Ed Ruscha

12.02 – 02.05.10

The American Artist Ed Ruscha works in a variety of media: He is a painter, filmmaker, photographer and graphic artist. It is the artist's paintings dating from the end of the 1950s to today that are central to his comprehensive retrospective at the Haus der Kunst. More


Golden Times Part 1 + Part 2

15.01 – 11.04.10

"Golden Times" presents works by four contemporary artists, who consider "history" as an unstable concept: as a construction made up from innumerable facets and fragments; as a question of interpretation, narration and fiction. More