Thomas Struth: Figure Ground

Ages 8 and up / German 11.11.17, 2 pm

Film-Photography-Workshop: Stop-Motion
A movie consists of single images that are played very quickly. Our eyes work too slowly to recognize the individual images, making them appear to be moving. Using this knowledge, we can create our own trick films. We invent and craft our own characters and make them come alive. We tell a story. Those who like to cut and edit are in the right place here!

For children 8 and older
2.5 h / 25 € / person; registration required
For private groups on your desired date:
€ 90 + € 5 per person, registration required

Children and Youth Program
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Photo Marion Vogel

Stretch your view

Stretch your view

Thomas Struth 

05.05.17 – 07.01.18 

Public tour / English

→ Thursday, 07.12, 7:30 pm

Art after work / German

→ Monday, 11.12, 6:30 pm

Workshop 6 until 12 years

Frank Bowling

Saturday, 25.11, 2 pm

Frank Bowling introduces us to a new sensation of space! The large format of his paintings draws us into his world of images. Can colour create a sense of space? MORE