Postwar: Kunst zwischen Pazifik und Atlantik, 1945-1965

Film Workshop, 9-12 years 19.03.17, 2 pm

Film workshop
Art that makes history, and you in the middle of the here and now. Today you are the filmmaker: Haus der Kunst becomes the stage where artworks tell their own new stories; even visitors become the protagonists. With its broad scope, the exhibition “Postwar” is the perfect set for creative expression. Aided by professionals, you will create your own work: as screenwriter, director, cameraman and editor. You decide which genre you wish to work in: documentary films, short films or art films. Show us the world through your eyes.
Registration reserves a spot for both you and your child. If for some reason you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible.

Workshop for children ages 6 – 12
4 hours / 25 € per child / reservations required
For private groups on your desired date:
200 €, reservations required

Children and Youths at Haus der Kunst
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Photo Marion Vogel

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Stretch your view