Postwar: Art Between the Pacific and the Atlantic, 1945–1965 - Exhibition Guide

Publication 2016

Edited by Okwui Enwezor, Katy Siegel andUlrich Wilmes

With texts by Andrianna Campbell, Tiffany Floyd, Yann Geng, Megan Hynes, Damian Lentini, Nicolas Linnert, Daniel Milnes, Ady Nugeraha, Amy Rahn, Tim Roerig, Gemma Sharpe, Petronela Soltész, Joseph Underwood, Caroline V. Wallace, Rachel Wetzler

Published by Prestel

161 pages
In German and English
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Stretch your view

Stretch your view


Postwar / Trailer

The trailer gives an impression of the extensive exhibition and the works on view. In eight dramatic chapters, the exhibition guides visitors through the first 20 years following the end of World War II. MORE


"Postwar – Art between the Pacific and the Atlantic, 1945-1965"

21.05 – 24.05.14

Convened at Haus der Kunst in collaboration with the Tate Modern in 21-24 May, 2014, the "Postwar — Art between the Pacific and Atlantic, 1945-1965" conference is an attempt to reconsider and re-examine the two decades following World War II. MORE

Picture Gallery


Haegue Yang: Accommodating the Epic Dispersion


Publication on Haegue Yang's installation "Accommodating the Epic Dispersion". MORE


Haus der Kunst, Munich. A Place and Its History in National Socialism


Allitera Verlag Munich, 2015. Published by Haus der Kunst. MORE


Postwar / exhibition film

The video allows a closer look at the works in the exhibition and its structure, commented by the three co-curators of the exhibition, Okwui Enwezor, Katy Siegel and Ulrich Wilmes. MORE

Teachers’ Guide

Teachers’ Guide for the exhibition “Postwar: Art between the Pacific and the Atlantic, 1945-1965”. MORE


Harun Farocki: Counter Music

10.03 – 28.05.17

Emerging from within a vast body of work that combines humanist, anarchic, and aesthetic militancy, "Harun Farocki: Counter Music" explores the artist's continual analysis of shifting modes of labor, production, and consumption. MORE


Hans Haacke: Gift Horse

27.04 – 20.08.17

Haus der Kunst is proud to present the exhibition of Hans Haacke's celebrated monumental sculpture Gift Horse (2015). MORE


Thomas Struth: Figure Ground

05.05 – 17.09.17

This exhibition of the renowned German photographer Thomas Struth (born in 1954), presents a comprehensive survey of his genre-defining oeuvre. MORE


Frank Bowling: Mappa Mundi

23.06 – 22.10.17

The comprehensive overview presents rare and never-before exhibited large-scale paintings along with other works by the Guyanese-born British painter Frank Bowling. MORE

Goethe-Institut Postdoctoral Fellowship at Haus der Kunst

The program was inaugurated in August 2013 and awards each fellowship for one academic year. The fifth fellowship is to start in August 2017. MORE


Works of European sculpture

The exhibition focused not only on sculpture as an art form, but also on its interpretation by European artists. MORE


Graham Sutherland

A few years after its exhibition of works by English sculptor Henry Moore, Haus der Kunst again paid tribute to a contemporary artist from England, this time to the painter Graham Sutherland. MORE


Haus der Kunst – The Postwar Institution, 1945-1965: Archive Gallery 2016/17

14.10.16 – 02.07.17

The new presentation in the Archive Gallery augments the exhibition "Postwar: Art Between the Pacific and the Atlantic, 1945–1965" by examining Haus der Kunst's institutional memory during this period. MORE


Harun Farocki: Work. An Investigation

Thursday, 11.05, 6 pm

We spend more than half our time working. But how do we depict and document work? The workshop deals with this issue based on various media. MORE


Ellsworth Kelly. Retrospective

17.10.97 – 20.01.98

Ellsworth Kelly is a part of the generation that went beyond Abstract Expressionism in the 1950s and developed a new pictorial language. MORE


Emil Schumacher — Retrospective

08.05 – 12.07.98

The paintings of Emil Schumacher (1912–1999) are considered a high point in German postwar art. MORE

Workshop 6 until 12 years

Thomas Struth

Saturday, 20.05, 11 am

Art Lab I – Future labs: Thomas Struth presents many unknown places in his photographs. In the studio, we create our own three-dimensional models of places: you decide what happens in them! MORE

Talks & Tours

Thomas Struth

Tuesday, 23.05, 6:30 pm

Talks & Tours - a tour of the exhibition “Thomas Struth: Figure Ground” with Frank Bungarten and chief curator Ulrich Wilmes MORE