Postwar: Art Between the Pacific and the Atlantic, 1945–1965

Workshop, 9-12 years 22.01.17, 2 pm

Audio workshop
How is sound recorded and an interview broadcast?
In the media workshop we will explore our surroundings using a recording device. The exhibition “Postwar” — with its world famous artworks — allows us to tell the stories behind the artworks, to capture visitor statements and to collect sounds. Contemporary history is the theme we will explore. We will go on a search for clues to the period between 1945 and 1965. In the media lab we will use these findings to create our own reports and stories. Or perhaps you would prefer to create a piece of music, experiment with sound art? You decide what we will hear!

Workshop for children ages 9 – 12
4 hours / 25 € per child / reservations required

Children and Youths at Haus der Kunst
+49 89 21127 118

Photo Julia Krüger

Stretch your view

Stretch your view