Harun Farocki: Counter Music

hairy female body Kids listen in / German 10.04.17, 4:30 pm

best web cam girls Kids Listen In
A relaxed guided tour for parents with an infant or toddler? Kids Listen In is exactly that. Visit the exhibition "Harun Farocki: Counter Music" in a guided tour with childcare. Your child is part of the group and always in view, while being supervised by our art teacher. Buggies and strollers are also welcome. Take time for the arts while your child is playfully entertained or making his or her own artwork.
Registration reserves a spot for both you and your child. If for some reason you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible.

For children ages 0 – 4
1 hour/ 15 € / Registration required

Children and Youths at Haus der Kunst
+49 89 21127 118

Photo Jörg Koopmann

Stretch your view

Stretch your view