"Gift Horse" – Artist talk with Hans Haacke and Ulrich Wilmes

Artist Talk 27.04.17, 7 pm

In the context of the presentation of Hans Haacke's "Gift Horse" in Haus der Kunst's Middle Hall, Ulrich Wilmes, the museum's chief curator, speaks with the political conceptual artist.

Hans Haacke, born in Cologne in 1936 and a resident of New York since 1965, sparks lively debates, especially through the social criticism of his work. Always created within specific political contexts, his works provoke dialogue with the viewer.

With the installation "Gift Horse" originally designed for the "Fourth Plinth" on London's Trafalgar Square, Haacke comments on the ravages of financial developments. A bow showing a ticker of the latest London stock prices is tied round the bronze skeleton of a horse.

Haacke emphasized that he did not wish to provoke. Yet he exposes the provocative. He addresses environmental sins as well as the machinations of real estate agents and arms dealers; he researches, investigates and documents to stimulate thought-provoking impulses.

The conversation with Hans Haacke aims to provide explanatory insight into the artist's development over more than five decades.

Discussion in German

Admission free

Courtesy Paula Cooper Gallery, New York © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

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