From Here to There, Far Away from Home - Exile and Migration

19.01.17, 10 am

Workshop for students grades 9 and up

Exile and migration are not just contemporary phenomena. The biographies of the artists represented in "Postwar: Art Between the Pacific and Atlantic, 1945-1965", are often characterized by migration, exile, and displacement. For one reason or the other, many artists abandoned their original places of residence and crossed geographical, cultural, and political borders. Nazism, World War II, and the massive upheavals after 1945 led to one of the largest and most comprehensive cultural ruptures and artistic migrations.

The workshop is based on research, knowledge production, and transference; as well as the close examination of the artworks in order to establish the basis for an exploration of exile and migration in the artistic context and to create an awareness of current transcultural processes. Why did these artists leave their home countries? How did exile and migration affect their lives and work? How is this cultural legacy manifested visually in their work? How do migration and refugee movements affect artistic production in general? And how does migration create cosmopolitan networks and diasporic communities? The discussion will explore not only the darker side of these phenomena, but also their opportunities and possibilities, as well as the participants’ own associations and interpretations.

Related secondary school subjects: Art, History, German, Social Studies, Ethics
Smartphones and tablets (for research purposes) are expressly permitted!

Thursday, 17.11.16, 10 am
Thursday, 19.01.17, 10 am
Duration: 2 hours

Other dates can be booked on request.
A study room at Haus der Kunst can be reserved on request for follow-ups and further discussion.
The workshop can also be booked with an artistic and practical segment (+ 1.5 hours).

2 € (incl. exhibition admission)

Information and booking:

Francis Newton Souza, Degenerates, 1957, Courtesy of Aicon Gallery © Estate of FN Souza. All rights reserved / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2016

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Stretch your view