Free Music Production / FMP: The Living Music

my llu canvas Art after work / German 03.04.17, 6:30 pm

ul top 40 Welcome the evening at Haus der Kunst with a guided tour of the exhibition "Free Music Production / FMP: The Living Music".
The record label and improvisational music production platform Free Music Production / FMP was founded in West Berlin in 1968. With a catalogue of more than 500 published recordings, countless concerts, more than 100 festivals, and an archive of films, photographs, posters and other graphic work, FMP represents a wholly unique example of lasting artistic radicality that challenges previous norms of collective practice.
Following the tour, your guide will join you in the Golden Bar for a snack and a drink, and answer your questions about art.
about 1.5 hours
17 € / person (entrance, tour, snack, drink)
For groups of 15 or more, you may book your own Art after Work tour.

Information and reservations
+49 89 21127 113

Photo Marion Vogel

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Stretch your view