DER ÖFFENTLICHKEIT / Haegue Yang: Retrospective of films by Marguerite Duras

Film screening 26.04 – 26.06.13

In many of her works, the Korean artist Haegue Yang, whose large-scale installation on view through September 2013 was created specifically for Haus der Kunst's DER ÖFFENTLICHKEIT series, refers explicitly to the filmmaker Marguerite Duras. These references inspired Haus der Kunst and the Filmmuseum München to present a comprehensive retrospective of films by Duras, the Grande Dame of French film noir. 

The inspirations of Haegue Yang's work often lie in the literary processing of the phenomena of migration and diaspora. Born in Seoul, Korea, Haegue Yang has lived in Germany since 1994 and is therefore well aware of the challenges faced by those living in a foreign country. The actions and decisions of authors and the characters in novels with immigrant and post-colonial biographies allow the artist the possibility of comparison and identification, while inspiring her work, which also explores migration and uncertainty. 

Marguerite Duras was born in 1914 in colonial French Indochina. When she was 18, she left Saigon and went to Paris. Duras originally processed the colonial experience and the consequent experience of migration in her literary work and, as of 1969, in her films. These often show the breaks between picture and sound, time and space, and reflect experiences often associated with migration: the figures' experience of place and speechlessness.

Presented in cooperation with the Filmmuseum München, the film series accompanies Haegue Yang's installation for the series "Der Öffentlichkeit" in Haus der Kunst. With the kind support of the Institut français.

→ Détruire dit-elle [Destroy, She Said]
→ Nathalie Granger
→ La Femme du Gange [The Woman from Ganges]
→ Baxter, Vera Baxter
→ India Song - Son nom de Venise dans Calcutta désert [Her Name from Venice in Deserted Calcutta]
→ Le Camion [The Truck]
→ Le navire night [Night Ship]
→ Marguerite Duras: Short film series
→ Agatha ou Les Lectures illimitées [Agatha on the Beach]
→ L'homme Atlantique [Atlantik Mann], Il Dialogo di Roma [Römischer Dialog]
→ Les enfants [Die Kinder]

Marguerite Duras, photo © Jacques Haillot/Sygma/Corbis

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Stretch your view

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