Exhibition opening: Artist talk and sound performance with Mark Leckey

Video, Artist Talk 29.01.15


The vernissage of "As If", a show dedicated to the British artist Mark Leckey, took place on Thursday, 29.01.15 and included an opening talk followed by a sound performance in the exhibition. The video documents the discussion between curator Patrizia Dander and Mark Leckey; the end is followed by excerpts from the sound performance by Mark Leckey in the exhibition spaces.

Exhibition opening: Artist talk and sound performance with Mark Leckey


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Stretch your view


Worksheet on "Mark Leckey: As If"

Here you find the worksheet on the exhibition "Mark Leckey: As If" for different school classes MORE


Feature on the exhibition "Mark Leckey: As If"

Here you find the feature on the exhibition "Mark Leckey: As If" by Bayerisches Fernsehen/Capriccio MORE


Mark Leckey: As If



Alex Kitnick: Everybody's Autobiography

In his catalogue essay, Alex Kitnick looks at Mark Leckey as an archivist of past lifestyles and fads. MORE

Picture Gallery

Artist Talk, Video, conversation

Artist talk with Ellen Gallagher

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Exhibition film

Video on the exhibition "Mark Leckey: As If" – with Mark Leckey and curator Patrizia Dander. MORE

In the press

Reviews on Mark Leckey

On this page you will find press reviews about Mark Leckey and his art, which is positioned between pop culture, consumerism, and technology. MORE


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Mark Leckey: As If


Text, Video

Mark Leckey: Work descriptions

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Exhibition catalogue

Mark Leckey

Catalogue of the exhibition "Mark Leckey: As If". MORE

Video, conversation

Talk: Thomas Ruff and Thomas Weski


Developed over a period of more than three decades, the diversity and complexity of Thomas Ruff's oeuvre makes it unique in the history of art photography. MORE


Mark Leckey: As If

30.01 – 31.05.15

Through the interplay of fascination and examination, Mark Leckey's multimedia work explores aspects of popular culture. MORE