Interventions into Architecture


In the video Okwui Enwezor and Sabine Brantl give a detailed presentation of the artistic interventions currently on view on Haus der Kunst's southern façade. These works explore the building's architecture and National Socialist past.

Mel Bochner created "The Joys of Yiddish", an installation mounted on the museum's façade, for his 2013 retrospective at Haus der Kunst. The linking of the offender's color with the victim's language in the yellow and black banner gives rise to a tension and subtle provocation, both typical elements in Bochner's work.

With Christian Boltanski's "Resistance" (1993–94) and Gustav Metzger's "Travertine/Judenpech" (1999), Haus der Kunst has reactivated – for the Archive Gallery's second presentation – the first two artistic interventions designed specifically for the building's façade and portico. While Metzger explores his own fate in "Travertine/Judenpech", Boltanski pays homage to former members of an anti-fascist resistance group in his work "Rote Kapelle."

Interventions into Architecture

Stretch your view

Stretch your view


Christian Boltanski: Résistance

As part of the Archive Gallery's 2015/16 program, two former artistic interventions on Haus der Kunst's facade have been reactivated: Christian Boltanski's "Résistance" and Gustav Metzger's "Travertin/Judenpech". MORE


Gustav Metzger: Travertine/Judenpech

As part of the Archive Gallery's 2015/16 program, two former artistic interventions on Haus der Kunst's facade have been reactivated: Christian Boltanski's "Résistance" and Gustav Metzger's "Travertin/Judenpech". MORE


Haus der Kunst, Munich. A Place and Its History in National Socialism


Allitera Verlag Munich, 2015. Published by Haus der Kunst. MORE


Worksheets on the Archive Gallery 2015/16

Here you find the worksheets on the Archive Gallery 2015/16 and the works of Gustav Metzger and Christian Boltanski MORE


Histories in Conflict

10.06.12 – 13.01.13

In 2012, Haus der Kunst opened its doors for its 75th year. At the same time, it looked back upon its 20-year existence as Stiftung Haus der Kunst München GmbH. MORE

Pdf, Essay

History of the air-raid shelter in Haus der Kunst

Text on the history of the former air-raid shelter in Haus der Kunst by Munich historian Sabine Brantl. MORE

In the press

Histories in Conflict

Read a selection of the latest press reports, radio features, and reviews of the exhibition. MORE


Histories in Conflict


The illustrated online tour guides you through the six stations of the exhibition "Histories in Conflict", which takes a critical look at Haus der Kunst's historical heritage. MORE

Permanent Exhibition

Archive Gallery 2017/18

18.07.17 – 04.02.18

The focus is the summer of 1937 in Munich, when the new Haus der Deutschen Kunst opened with the first "Große Deutsche Kunstausstellung", and the vilified show "Entartete Kunst" [Degenerate Art] was presented concurrently in the gallery building in the nearby Hofgarten MORE

Activity sheets

Riddle rally for parents and children

Are you planning a visit to Haus der Kunst with kids? With pencil in hand, your children will be entertained as they discover the works of art. MORE

In the press

Reviews on Archive Gallery in Haus der Kunst

Here you find different press reactions to the newly opened Archive Gallery. MORE


Worksheets on Archive Gallery

Worksheets on topics related to the Archive Gallery can be downloaded here. MORE




Archive Gallery 2014/15

08.03.14 – 06.09.15

The Archive Gallery in Haus der Kunst is a new interdisciplinary research and exhibition center and the visible memory of the turbulent history and the complex historical process that has made Haus der Kunst what it is today. MORE


Wilhelm Lehmbruck

The exhibition focused on 46 sculptures, but also draw the viewer's attention to a number of various paintings, drawings, and graphic works, thereby revealing a largely unknown aspect of the artist's body of work. MORE


The 1930s. Setting: Germany

11.02 – 17.04.77

Golo Mann praised the exhibition of German painting, sculpture, and decorative arts in the 1930s as a bold undertaking, for this period had previously been taboo. MORE


Wounds of Memory

06.05 – 28.05.95

With "Wounds of Memory", organized on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the liberation from Nazi dictatorship, Haus der Kunst wanted to draw attention to the war's horrific banality. MORE


Art in the "Third Reich": Hitler's 'Brush Worker'

SPIEGEL ONLINE article on Adolf Ziegler, painter and president of the Reich's Chamber of Visual Arts, whose painting "The Four Elements" was on view in the exhibition "Histories in Conflict" MORE


Luc Tuymans

02.03 – 12.05.08

The Belgian artist Luc Tuymans's paintings are unique in their intangibility, their mysteriousness and stillness. The exhibition brings together the artist's paintings from the last 30 years, as well as a wall drawing, which he created especially for this exhibition. MORE